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IoT-based energy management in manufacturing

Improving energy efficiency is a team effort. However, to be able to involve and inspire all concerned parties to a reasonable extent, energy consumption must be presented in a clear and comprehensible manner. The IoT-capable EMpro energy measuring devices and the intuitive, flexible features of the IoT-based EMMA energy management service help with simple, cloud-based data collection and targeted, meaningful visualization.

The benefits with IoT-based energy management

  • Easy and fast retrofitting of energy measuring technology using IoT-capable EMpro energy measuring devices, which can be connected directly to the IoT cloud environment via Ethernet interface through a plug-and-play principle
  • The energy manager can collect energy data with little effort and immediately visualize it graphically, without programming or necessary expertise
  • Tracking of energy data and key figures offers the opportunity to make production more efficient
  • Continuous improvement process through full transparency of energy data and thus uncovered efficiency potential
IoT-capable EMpro energy measuring devices in the control cabinet

IoT-capable energy measuring devices deliver data automatically directly to the Proficloud

Automated data transfer to

In order to be able to display the energy consumption of various assembly groups more transparently, Phoenix Contact has equipped a production area at its Blomberg location with IoT-capable EMpro energy measuring devices. The energy measuring devices automatically transmit the measurement data to Phoenix Contact's "" IoT cloud environment.

Basic image of the system topology

There are various assembly groups in a production area. Each group, in turn, has several production facilities. In total, 72 devices were installed.

Image of the system topology of energy management in manufacturing

Use cases

Schieder infrastructure manufacturing
Schieder infrastructure manufacturing
Schieder infrastructure manufacturing
Schieder infrastructure manufacturing
Schieder infrastructure manufacturing

Make energy consumption per assembly group visible both during active production times and in standby times, after the end of production or on weekends.

  • Comparison of energy consumption in active and passive times
  • Determination of the proportional energy consumption during the passive time

Schieder infrastructure manufacturing

Comparison of the energy consumption of an assembly group at various assembly times in connection with the respective production figures.

Schieder infrastructure manufacturing

Comparison of the number of pieces produced with the energy consumed (kWh) -> energy consumption per piece produced (CO2 emission per piece)

Schieder infrastructure manufacturing

Identify peak loads and derive measures to optimize power-on management.

Woman using energy management with

Energy management with

The visualization, analysis, and evaluation of the data is done with the EMMA smart service.
Together with the IoT-capable EMpro energy measuring devices, EMMA offers a overall system package for digitized energy management.
Automated data transfer to, a high degree of user-friendliness and intuitive menu navigation make the work of the energy management manager very efficient. Purpose-built visualizations provide a targeted overview.

EMpro and EMMA service from

The EMMA energy management service on Proficloud

Energy, Monitoring, Management, Analytics: EMMA is the smart energy management service from Phoenix Contact. EMMA focuses on the energy manager as the user and is tailored precisely to their needs. With a simple, intuitive design, EMMA provides a flexible spectrum of functions in the field of electrical energy and power data visualization for monitoring, analyzing, and evaluating this data.
EMMA thus supports energy managers proportionally in the check step of the PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act) in accordance with the international standard ISO 50001:2018 (Energy management systems – Requirements with guidance for use).


The IoT-capable EMpro energy measuring devices and the EMMA energy management service in are a future-oriented solution. The system combines the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things, sophisticated measurement technology, and constantly evolving smart services.