HEAVYCON Click-in contact inserts

Save significant time with consistent tool-free installation and mounting. What used to be screwed together is now simply plugged in.
HEAVYCON Click-in contact inserts

Convenient tool-free cabling

HEAVYCON click-in contact inserts for heavy-duty connectors increase the efficiency of cabling work. Push-in technology and the Click-in latching ensure extremely easy handling and reliable installation. No tools are required for the conductor connection or for mounting in the connector housing. This ensures significant time savings and is unique in the market.

Your advantages

  • Significant time savings: HEAVYCON Click-in is installed tool-free with simple latching
  • Easy installation: With the light and easy plugging of the Push-in connection, it is easy to contact rigid and pre-treated conductors
  • Effortless PE connection: Thanks to Push-in Technology, you can wire the protective conductor easily and tool-free
  • Reliable connection: The HEAVYCON Click-in contact inserts latch into the connector housing creating a shock- and vibration-resistant connection
  • Easy integration: Click-in contact inserts fit in all plastic and metal housings of the HEAVYCON STANDARD and EVO series
HEAVYCON Click-in for time-saving assembly with simple latching

Time-saving assembly with simple latching

Time-saving installation

With HEAVYCON Click-in, you can mount contact inserts easily, reliably, and
tool-free in your EVO and STANDARD connector housings. The audible and tangible latching confirms secure installation.

Simple conductor connection with HEAVYCON Click-in

Simple conductor connection with Push-in Technology

User-friendly connection

HEAVYCON Click-in contact inserts are assembled via Push-in technology. This provides you with a convenient conductor connection without tools. Contact rigid and pretreated conductors easily and reliably with direct insertion.

Secure PE connection with HEAVYCON Click-in

Secure PE connection with Push-in Technology

Reliable grounding

The PE connection with Push-in Technology enables easy, shock- and vibration-free wiring of the protective conductor. Installation is tool-free with direct insertion – even from within the control cabinet.

Consistent tool-free installation
Discover the Click-in contact inserts
HEAVYCON Click-in provides easy handling and considerable time savings: The contact inserts with Push-in connection and Click-in latching enable consistent, easy, and tool-free installation and assembly for the first time. You do not need a screwdriver.
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Consistent tool-free installation with HEAVYCON Click-in