Custom assemblies

Phoenix Contact's Value Add Solutions reduce assembly time, inventory, and wiring errors with simple, single part number ordering and competitive on-time delivery.

Our UK-based Value-Added centre can help you save time and money with a range of services such as:

  • DIN rail assemblies
  • Custom markers
  • Labelling of parts
  • Custom-cut DIN rail
  • Junction boxes, backplates and custom enclosures
  • Custom-cut cable duct

Design your own!

For Rail Assemblies and custom markers, simply download our PROJECT Complete software where you can design your rail and your labels, send us the file for a quote request and one of our team will contact you with a price.

UK Value-Added Centre

Value-Added Centre room
Rail Assembly 1
Rail Assembly 2
Rail Assembly 3
DIN rail assemblies

DIN rail assemblies

  • Order with one unique part number for you
  • Ready-to-install rail assemblies are marked and manufactured to your specifications.
  • Designed using PROJECT complete planning software
  • We can covert you’re drawings to our software
  • High Quality of inspection by the UK VAC team

Custom markers

  • Pick your blank marker card and you choose what to print on it.
  • Quick and accurate turnaround times on marker orders
  • Package and labelled. The label can include your part number.
Custom cut din rail

Custom-cut din Rail

  • DIN rail cut to millimetre precision
  • Specified hole placement for your design requirements
  • NS/35/15 and NS 35/7,5 perforated or unperforated aluminium DIN rail
  • Additional options including Rustoleum end dipping, end caps, labelling, and more
Junction box

Junction boxes, backplates and custom enclosures

  • Single part number for ordering
  • Reduced assembly time
  • Pre-wired for field terminations
  • Necessary testing/approvals
  • Continuity Tested
  • Higher complexity with Phoenix Contact Parts
Cable duct
  • Use cable ducts to control your cabinet
  • Easy cable routing
  • Halogen-free wire duct
  • Custom lengths

About the UK team

internal VAC team
Tony Parrott
Andy Neat
internal VAC team

We have dedicated local internal team members who work on our value add supply chain from start to finish. The team can help with the whole process, anything from the customer who wants make amendments on the drawing to tracking the order through to when it will be delivered. We have an emphasis on being pro-active to provide accurate information and support directly to the customer needs.

We also have three production employees who work full time on the UK custom assemblies.

Tony Parrott

Tony Parrott will discuss your custom DIN Rail assembly requirements and offer solutions that will meet your unique requirements.

Andy Neat

Andy Neat can help you source the correct markers and labels for your requirements, as well as offer support on using the software solution that will enable you to independently order your custom markers.