Surge protection for video surveillance systems

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Stay in control and protect your video surveillance systems from damage caused by lightning and overvoltages.

See our info paper for more information on the subject of lightning and surge protection for video surveillance systems and what you need to keep in mind.

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Video surveillance is now an integral tool in many areas. The safety of systems and the support and monitoring of automated processes plays a major role here. Failure of monitoring equipment due to lightning or overvoltage damage poses many dangers and can often be avoided.

Examples of video surveillance

Video surveillance on highways
Traffic monitoring
Large Processing plant
Monitoring large plants
Aircraft over runway
Airport surveillance
Tunnel entrance at night
Monitoring of tunnels

Why should surveillance systems be protected?

Camera systems ensure safety. They monitor transportation infrastructure, sensitive industrial plant components, entire airports or processing systems, and individual residential buildings. The surveillance of such areas is necessary and important.

Cameras are usually mounted in exposed locations. Without appropriate measures, they are exposed to lightning and overvoltages without protection.

Representation of lightning protection zones in video surveillance systems

Lightning protection zones in video surveillance systems

What should be considered for surge protection for video surveillance systems?

In addition to the normative requirements on lightning and surge protection in the IEC 62676 standard, structural conditions must also be taken into account. A risk analysis helps to build the appropriate surge protection for your video surveillance system.

In our info paper you will find helpful information on how to protect your video system from failures due to overvoltage.

New installation or retrofit?

With the Smart Ethernet Box, Phoenix Contact offers a solution for video surveillance systems. It can be assembled individually in accordance with your requirements and protects up to four cameras.

Small installations or existing systems can also be equipped with surge protection. Phoenix Contact also offers a corresponding portfolio for these applications.

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