CCTV video surveillance for airport runways

Video surveillance at airports Maximum safety during takeoff and landing

Video surveillance of public areas is steadily increasing. In order to protect the critical areas for flight operations due to the increasing level of danger, efforts are also being made to expand video surveillance at airports. Furthermore, video cameras play an important role in optimizing business processes through video-based data acquisition.

Video surveillance of the outdoor areas of an airport

Airport security with video surveillance in critical areas

Surveillance technology in the indoor and outdoor areas of airports

Video surveillance is used for various applications in airport operations: from public zones for passengers and guests, and the security area, to outdoor facilities such as the apron, taxiways, and runways. Video surveillance is also essential for parking facilities and rail transport.

Naturally, the access areas, waiting areas, and the boarding points in the airport buildings themselves are monitored. The camera technology helps to accelerate the various processes. Video surveillance also provides support for security personnel with automated processes at security checkpoints. The technology for these installations is relatively non-critical in all of these areas.

Safety technology for critical airport areas

In contrast, installations that influence flight operations or areas that could endanger flight safety are time-critical. Monitoring the site, the fences, and the perimeter is therefore essential for operations. Central monitoring is particularly important here.

Areas that are critical for installation include the apron and maneuvering areas, taxiways and feeders, and the runway. Many large international airports are operating above capacity limits, and partially closing these areas incurs significant costs. Therefore, time-saving, easy installation or retrofitting of the video surveillance system is essential.

Interior view of the Smart Ethernet Box with open cover

Smart Ethernet Box – everything in one device

Integrated solution for video surveillance at airports

The Smart Ethernet Box from Phoenix Contact integrates the functions of conventional connection boxes equipped with standard DIN rails into one device with a compact housing. This saves you time during planning and installation. The integrated mounting adapter for wall and mast mounting makes installation much easier and quicker. You will experience time savings of up to 70% compared to conventional installations. Another significant advantage: cameras that are not accessible for maintenance work in regular operation can be restarted via reboot function from the control center.

The Smart Ethernet Box from Phoenix Contact is also equipped with Managed Switches and can therefore be integrated actively into the control system monitoring system via SNMP. Monitoring the status of the camera network is assured, and the components in the widely distributed areas are protected against overvoltage.

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