Graphic PLC-INTERFACE on the topic of sustainability

Sustainability thought through to the end From product development through to recycling

Sustainability is of essential importance throughout the entire lifecycle of the PLC-INTERFACE relays. In all phases and areas, we are continuously optimizing processes and working toward carbon neutrality. Our motto here is also our drive for innovation and passion:

PLC-INTERFACE relays – switching devices for a sustainable future
Reduction of packaging, easily and quickly replaceable relays, carbon footprint transparency in the product documentation, and easily separable materials (plastic, components, and metal) for optimal product recycling.

Another important aspect is the target Phoenix Contact has set itself for the next decade: carbon-neutral manufacturing.

CO₂ transparency over the entire lifecycle To shape the path to a carbon-neutral future, it is imperative to know how much CO₂ is currently generated over the entire product lifecycle. With the Product Environmental Footprint, we create transparency and show you in detail where and how much CO₂ is emitted per item. You will find this document on all Phoenix Contact items in the future and can use it to determine the carbon footprint of your machines and systems.

Laptop with CO₂ documentation, QR code, and product lifecycle of a relay