The All Electric Society A society in which renewable electrical energy is available in sufficient quantities: the All Electric Society. Relay modules from Phoenix Contact support you on the path to a carbon-neutral and sustainable world in all applications. Within the All Electric Society infrastructure, Phoenix Contact ensures the flow of energy and signals in all applications between the control level and the field level with clever relays and switching devices. The functionality and availability of your system depends on millions of switching operations, which are therefore essential for the successful electrification and coupling of sectors.

Graphical representation of the AES sectors: Infrastructure, industry, mobility, and energy with PLC-INTERFACE relays

Power-to-X supported by PLC-INTERFACE relays The main components of power-to-X applications and processes are very similar to existing process plants. Products that are already used in the process industry today will continue to play an important role in power-to-X applications in the future. With PLC-INTERFACE relay modules, you can draw on many years of experience in the process industry, enabling you to master the challenges of the future. Today, many sensors and actuators are already switched, controlled, or evaluated in process engineering plants. These sensors and actuators are also indispensable and necessary in power-to-X systems. One example is special switching devices for potentially explosive areas, which are relevant for both natural gas and hydrogen applications.

Graphic Power-to-X: Comparison between conventional and green industry

Digital data – the essential prerequisite for the All Electric Society

A wealth of digital data is needed to make sector coupling successful. The systems of different manufacturers must have platform-independent access to this data. The product data we offer for PLC-INTERFACE includes CAD data, ECLASS classifications, and interfaces for various engineering tools.

3D view of the PLC-INTERFACE relay

Compatible with all systems – CAD data

All important product data at a glance – here’s what the online product area offers:

  • Dimensions overlay
  • Transparent mode
  • Presentation mode
  • Zoom function
  • Easily change the model view
  • Many different data formats for download
  • Additional product documentation to view and download
Screenshot EPLAN engineering tool: Relay modules on a DIN rail

Get started with your engineering – ready for EPLAN

Whether you use our clipx ENGINEER tool to configure your DIN rails or you obtain the relevant ECAD data directly from our product page, you will always get all the relevant data and macros that will allow you to easily integrate our PLC-INTERFACE relay into EPLAN.

Use our EPLAN P8 file generator to create a ZIP file with product data in XML format for all Phoenix Contact items for import into EPLAN.