Remote control/remote maintenance

Remote control/remote maintenance

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Access your distributed systems worldwide – with innovative solution concepts from Phoenix Contact.

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  • In-house cables
    In-house cables

    Network remote devices easily and efficiently via existing cables.

  • Mobile communication
    Mobile communication

    Access to your machines and systems via the mobile phone network, anytime and anywhere.

  • Public telephone network
    Public phone network

    Quick and easy via the worldwide telephone network.

  • Wireless systems
    Wireless systems

    With wireless systems, you simply acquire measuring data and system information from remote or poorly accessible areas and transfer it to central points.

Industrial data communication offers a wide range of options for connecting your distributed stations securely with the control room. The various transmission paths also allow large volumes of data to be transferred across long distances.

Remote access and continuous process data monitoring allow maintenance to be planned and savings to be made. Find the right transmission path for your application - Phoenix Contact offers the perfect solution for each and every application.

Selection guide – the right solution for your remote communication

The right solution for your remote communication – Phoenix Contact

The right solution for your remote communication – Phoenix Contact

Whether autonomously-operated pump stations, welding robots or high-bay storage – the right solution is available for every application.

Use the selection guide to compare the various technologies and find the right route to a reliable remote control and remote maintenance solution in your application.

Remote control and remote maintenance – what is the difference?

With regard to remote communication, a distinction is made in the field of industrial data transmission between remote maintenance and remote control. Although identical technologies are used as a general rule, the features of these very different applications need to be addressed.

Remote control describes the secure and continual transmission of process data to the control center. This allows monitoring and control of even remote external stations and substations. In contrast to remote maintenance, a permanent connection to a remote station is required in the vast majority of cases.

Remote maintenance involves temporary access to a system or machine. This direct worldwide access to controllers and Ethernet networks makes it possible to carry out maintenance and service work quickly and efficiently.

Proactive and precise early warning messages via SMS or e-mail enable fast troubleshooting and therefore minimize production downtimes.

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