Remote control and remote maintenance

Remote control and remote maintenance

Industrial remote communication

Worldwide remote access to machines and systems.

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  • Remote control
    Remote control

    Secure and continuous transmission of process data to the control center means that even remote external stations and substations can be monitored and controlled.

  • Remote maintenance
    Remote maintenance

    Phoenix Contact offers products featuring state-of-the-art security mechanisms such as VPN, IPsec encryption, and integrated firewalls.

  • Alerts

    Errors are quickly eliminated and production downtimes minimized with proactive and precise early warning messages via SMS or e-mail.

  • Networking

    WLAN, Bluetooth, and FO technologies enable the easy and interference-free connection of various system parts, remote stations, and substations.

  • Service and support
    Service and support

    Phoenix Contact offers a flexible service concept for all automation technology issues for everything from applications and systems to cyber security and safety.

Securely connecting distributed stations with the control room is now an option thanks to the versatility of remote communication. Remote communication allows access and continuous process data monitoring from the central station.

Remote maintenance involves temporary access to a system or machine. In contrast to remote maintenance, remote control requires a permanent connection to a remote station in the vast majority of cases. Various alert systems ensure the timely notification of a wide range of operating states and enable the reliable availability of your system.

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