Manufacture without interruptions in a modular assembly line


Machine building at Phoenix Contact  

Machine building at Phoenix Contact

Highly automated assembly lines, producing components of the highest quality, are essential for machine builders with innovative ideas, comprehensive skills, and years of experience.

That's why Phoenix Contact's Machine Building department develops and produces appropriate systems in house. Among others things, highly cyclical assembly systems with low cycle times are designed and implemented.

The department has 180 employees and supports all Phoenix Contact business units as well as developing and manufacturing sites worldwide.


Modular assembly line  

A modular assembly line enables high production flexibility

An example of the strength of innovation in machine building is the modular-design assembly line for Inline connectors. This produces over 200 different versions in one-piece-flow processes, enabling even small quantities to be produced at short notice to meet customer requirements.

The process steps are distributed across several stations. Here, the individual components are assembled to form the finished connector. Cameras and test apparatus ensure both assembly and product properties are correct.

An assembly line this size must work continuously for the investment to be recovered quickly. To prevent downtime, every component must have an extremely high level of reliability. Here, the power supply takes on particular significance because if the controller is not supplied with 24 V DC, it will fail, and the machine will stop.


QUINT POWER power supplies  

QUINT POWER power supplies trip circuit breakers quickly

To prevent downtime, machine building relies not only upon QUINT POWER power supplies but also on uninterruptible solutions.

Distributed control boxes
The power supply units are used in small, distributed control boxes, which are located right on the machine.

Integrated SFB (selective fuse breaking) technology reliably and quickly trips primary-switched power supply standard circuit breakers. This means that faulty current paths are selectively switched off, the fault is isolated, and important machine elements remain operational.

Preventive function monitoring warns of critical operating states before faults occur. In addition, the static POWER BOOST power reserve enables reliable starting of loads with high switch-on currents.

Uninterruptible power supplies  

The uninterruptible power supply provides power even in the event of mains failure

Central control cabinet
To supply the central control cabinet, the machine building department opted for the QUINT DC-UPS uninterruptible power supply unit.

The costs of data loss or production interruption are very high, meaning an uninterruptible solution makes good sense. In the event of power failure, the power supply unit provides the controller and the industrial PC with 24 V DC for long enough to ensure that important process data is saved and the industrial PC can be shut down in a controlled way.


QUINT POWER power supplies in a modular assembly line  

QUINT POWER power supplies in the control cabinet

When it comes to the reliable supply of sensitive components, QUINT POWER power supplies have proven themselves to be the best solution, thanks to their high quality and functionality.

They are essential for the Inline connector assembly line to guarantee high availability of the application.

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