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Automation with just a click of the mouse

Automation with just a click of the mouse

Powerful software for controlling and managing your automation via Ethernet.

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Configure and monitor your system intuitively using software tools from Phoenix Contact. We also offer a wide range of solutions that enable you to efficiently use Ethernet networks in automation systems.

Your advantages

  • Easy startup and monitoring of the network through configuration and firmware management
  • Fast diagnostics and troubleshooting by continuously querying the network devices
  • Easy integration of devices in OPC-based visualization software and SNMP OPC server
  • Reduced downtimes and outages, thanks to the short response time in the network

Start up and monitor networks easily – with FL NETWORK MANAGER


The FL NETWORK MANAGER simplifies configuration and firmware management

Managed Switches, WLAN components, and security appliances from Phoenix Contact can be started up easily using the new FL Network Manager software. You can also monitor these network components and keep your firmware up to date. With multi-device configuration, you save a lot of time when setting up and using your Ethernet network.

  • Update firmware on multiple devices quickly and easily
  • IP address planning for the convenient rollout of IP addresses via DCP, BOOTP, and DHCP
  • Overview of all network components, thanks to the network scan, even for unknown IP addresses
  • Integrated TFTP, DHCP/BOOTP server
  • Easily configure multiple infrastructure components using multi-device configuration
  • Secure communication with network components via SNMPv3
  • Configure any SNMP-capable device, thanks to SNMP scripting

Consistent communication with OPC and SNMP protocols

Use of the SNMP OPC server  

SNMP and OPC software for consistent communication

With the FL SNMP OPC Server, Phoenix Contact offers a software solution for linking the standardized and therefore universally available protocol types OPC and SNMP. The software enables data exchange between OPC-based visualization software and SNMP automation components.You therefore ensure reliable communication between network management tools, automation hardware, and visualization software.

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FL Network Manager

Overview and software functions

FL Network Manager

Firmware rollout and configuration backup