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We offer intelligent automation systems for added safety and cost-efficiency on waterways.

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  • Locks

    Signal lights and automation technology from Phoenix Contact ensure safe and inexpensive lock operation.

  • Passing places
    Passing places

    Solutions from Phoenix Contact monitor the system statuses of passing places with remote control technology and provide reliable switching of the signals.

Bridges, locks, and passing places ensure that passenger and freight traffic on waterways run smoothly and without time delays. Signals that are visible from afar control traffic and ensure that shipping traffic can react to obstacles such as bridges or cross traffic in good time.

Optimal automation of the systems is required to allow traffic through. Solutions from Phoenix Contact support safe lock operation according to the Machinery Directive. Intelligent automation systems offer additional safety and cost-efficiency for state-of-the-art waterway management.

Overview: waterways

Overview: waterways  

Solutions for the reliable flow of shipping traffic on waterways

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