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Excellent services for device manufacturers

Just a few clicks to the right product.

Detailed technical information, drawings, or 3D data are indispensable for the computer-aided design of your industrial electronics devices. We provide you with digital services that make your daily work easier.

Intuitive filter and search functions

A customer looking through a product list on a screen  

There is a separate detail page for every product

Use clear search functions and filters to find the product information. To do so, select the desired product category and open the respective product list. You can further limit the search using the faceted search function. There is a detail page with an overview of all technical details for every product. It is also possible to create individual wish lists and compare several products online.

As an alternative to web searches, receive an overview of almost 10,000 items via e-papers. To do so, enter the web code #1517 in the search field on our website.

Comprehensive technical data and downloads such as drawings and 3D models

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There is a data sheet available for download for each item

Do you need certainty early on to work with the right item for your application? Simply take a look at the detail page available for each of our 60,000 items. You will find technical and commercial data, along with information on accessories, approvals, or classifications for download there. Benefit from

  • detailed information on approvals,
  • technical drawings,
  • 3D models in CAD file formats such as STEP, IGIS, or DXF for computer-aided design, and
  • comprehensive technical data, including classifications such as eCl@ass, ETIM, or UNSPSC, depending on the item range.

Moreover, you can download a data sheet with all information for each item. This simplifies the overview in every phase of the development process.

Personal on-site consultation

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Thanks to the global network, Phoenix Contact is always close to you

Our strong global network with facilities in 55 countries and a further 40 representatives in Europe and internationally is always available to help you. Find a contact person in your area who will support you during product selection.

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