Marshalling systems with push-in connection

Easy, clear, and intuitive marshalling

Save up to 20% of space – marshalling terminals and patchboards with innovative color coding.

The perfect marshalling solution for every task – with the new marshalling system, Phoenix Contact offers the right solution for your application in the field of marshalling wiring. Requirements placed on high signal density, space saving, clear arrangement, flexibility, and easy and fast wiring form the basis of the development of this innovative marshalling system.

Your advantages

  • Up to 20% increase in signal density due to the compact design
  • Freely configurable color coding for conductors and terminal points, enabling intuitive and safe installation
  • Convenient testing by means of freely accessible 2.3 mm test connections centered between the connection points

Marshalling patchboards – exact number of positions, to be configured for a specific application

Marshalling patchboard

Marshalling patchboard

Due to the compact design, the marshalling patchboards provide you with the highest signal density during marshalling in automation applications.

The modular structure, which can be configured to a precise number of positions and features colored matrix elements, ensures space-saving, clearly arranged, and error-free wiring.

Marshalling terminals – compact and space saving with an installation length of just 100 mm

PTRV marshalling terminal

PTRV marshalling terminal

The compact PTRV marshalling terminals are used to marshal signals in automation applications in a clearly arranged manner.

The wiring of a large number of conductors is simplified through levels, which can be designed individually based on color. Together with the front wiring, this helps you prevent errors in the connection.

Knife disconnect terminal blocks - compact and functional with a width of 3.5 mm

PTTB 1,5/S-MT knife disconnect terminal blocks

PTTB 1,5/S-MT knife disconnect terminal blocks

With a width of just 3.5 mm, the new terminal blocks now combine push-in connection and knife disconnection for conductors up to 1.5 mm². The product range of the compact terminal blocks includes feed-through, multiple conductor, and double-level terminal blocks.

With the space-saving knife disconnect terminal blocks, you can achieve hitherto unrivaled signal density for terminal blocks. This allows up to 30% of space to be saved in the control cabinet for the control wiring.

Plug-in four-level terminal blocks – three-dimensional marshalling

Plug-in four-level terminal blocks

Plug-in four-level terminal blocks

With the four-level PT 2,5-4L… terminal blocks, you marshal signals in your controllers and system sections using minimal space.

Based on the different jumper options in a terminal strip as well as the marshalling options in the freely configurable 4-pos. plugs, this terminal system allows extremely compact, three-dimensional signal distributors to be constructed.


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