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Links and downloads

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Here you will find further information about Industrial Wireless.

Wireless Simulation Tool

The Wireless Simulation Tool is a piece of simulation software to support the planning of wireless systems in industrial environments. It helps you to estimate the number and position of the necessary wireless components and uses this as the basis for simulating the outcome of a radio frequency site survey:

  • How many access points are needed for wireless coverage of the required area?
  • What is the best mounting location with regard to wireless technology?
  • What does the use of special antennas contribute?
  • What influence do the planned antenna cable lengths have?

Whitepaper from Phoenix Contact

For further information on the various wireless technologies and how they are used, whitepapers are available on the following subjects:

Description Language Updated
Trusted Wireless 2.0 [PDF, 0.59 MB]
Basics and practical applications
English 29.09.2017
Coexistence mechanisms of Factory Line Bluetooth [PDF, 0.47 MB]
For fault-free parallel operation with Wireless LAN
English 07.09.2015
Functional safety via wireless Ethernet [PDF, 1.79 MB]
Safe data transmission
English 07.09.2015
Remote control and remote maintenance systems [PDF, 0.74 MB]
Introduction to remote control systems and remote maintenance systems for system monitoring
English 07.09.2015

Information from the ZVEI working group: Wireless in automation

Phoenix Contact is actively involved in various working groups to promote the use of wireless technologies in industry. The ZVEI Wireless in Automation working group has produced two publications which can be downloaded free of charge from the ZVEI website:

  • Wireless solutions in automation – overview and decision guidance
    This describes the requirements for wireless solutions, cost-benefit aspects, and technical aspects of the chosen system.
  • Coexistence of wireless systems in automation technology
    Fourteen manufacturers of electrical automation technology explain how wireless solutions can be operated in parallel without faults.


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