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Wired HART

Access to digital process data

Improve access to your HART process data with our innovative products for continuous access.

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For the past 25 years, HART devices have been installed globally in countless applications related to flow, pressure, temperature, and fill-level measurement. In many cases, only the 4 to 20 mA signal is permanently connected, while the HART data is only accessed during startup or troubleshooting.

HART components from Phoenix Contact provide a cost-effective, permanent connection to all your HART data, thereby optimizing maintenance and system operating times.

Your advantages

  • Easy setup of a robust digital communication network, thanks to the use of existing 4 to 20 mA wiring
  • Error-free bidirectional data exchange with HART-transparent signal conditioners: electrically isolated, even for intrinsically safe circuits
  • Isolation of 4 to 20 mA loops provides both reliable and error-free signal quality
  • Continuous monitoring of HART data enables early detection of system errors and increases availability
  • Improved data capture in order to satisfy official regulations and directives
  • Wired HART devices are part of the COMPLETE line system

HART signal isolators

Analog signal isolators for HART  

HART signal isolators for analog signals

Signal isolators from Phoenix Contact provide access to the digital HART signal. The devices can be installed in both regular and ATEX environments. Signal isolation along with the provision of the power supply loop to the field device ensure a better protected and more easily accessible installation.

Our product range offers numerous advantages and is being continuously further developed to enable us to respond to your application requirements.

Surge protection for HART components

Surge protection for HART  

Surge protection for HART

Protection of the 4 to 20 mA loop and the digital HART signal is a basic prerequisite in many applications where there is a considerable distance between the controller and the device. The pluggable surge protection solutions from Phoenix Contact provide reliable protection and consistent signal power.

The pluggable and coded solution ensures an uninterrupted connection, even during the plug-in process.

HART multiplexer

Serial and Ethernet HART multiplexer  

HART multiplexer for serial and Ethernet interfaces

Depending on the application, serial RS-485 or Ethernet-based access to all the digital data from HART devices is possible.

Conventional serial RS-485 multiplexers can be used for applications that are not time-critical. Each multiplexer enables the connection of up to 32 devices. Data exchange is on a serial basis, as communication takes place via just one HART master.

The Ethernet HART multiplexer provides PROFINET, Modbus TCP/IP, and HART-IP access to 40 devices, each with their own HART master connection, for time-critical applications.

When using a Modbus TCP/IP network, it is also possible to provide four digital inputs and four digital outputs.

HART USB modem as a cost-effective alternative to hand-held devices

HART USB modem  

HART USB modem

With the new HART USB modem, HART devices can be configured, started up, and monitored quickly and easily via standard USB interfaces.

The modem is therefore an alternative to existing RS-232 HART modems and a cost-effective alternative to expensive hand-held devices.


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