UM-BASIC press-drawn section housings

UM-BASIC press-drawn section housings

For custom PCB sizes

Unlimited freedom when it comes to design: develop your devices according to your requirements.

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Press-drawn section housings from the UM-BASIC series combine high flexibility with very short installation times, and a high degree of freedom when choosing the connection technology. The low-profile design supports the assembly of flat electronics modules and their mounting on standard DIN rails or directly on the wall.

Your advantages:

  • Different base profiles, each with three PCB levels
  • Module covers of different geometries can be positioned in any way
  • Compatibility with many standard connection technologies
  • Easy device mounting method, thanks to snap-mount principle (the sides are fixed without the aid of tools)
  • High degree of flexibility, thanks to freely positionable covering hoods

Complete flexibility

Tailor-made housing lengths  

Tailor-made housing lengths

Not a millimeter wasted on the DIN rail. Press-drawn sections are cut to customer-specific lengths and are available in lengths from 30 to 1000 mm.

  • Save space with tailor-made housing lengths
  • Maximum flexibility, as the housings are tailored to your device requirements
  • Reduced wiring effort and fast installation with optional bus contacting
  • Variable ground connection, thanks to PE contacts that can be mounted on both sides

Fast installation

Lightning-fast installation  

Snap-mount principle

Simply snap the sides into place, thanks to the snap-mount principle, thereby saving installation time. Screws are not necessary.

Optimal positioning

Assembled PCB  

Assembled PCB

Assemble components up to the edge of your PCB so you can make the best use of the space available.

Safe covering

Covering hoods  

Freely positionable covering hoods

Design your housing so that it is tailored to the device, with freely positionable covering hoods.

  • Freely positionable hoods
  • Various geometries available
  • As an option, PCBs can be integrated into covers via guides

Connect modules quickly

Bus cross contacts  

Bus cross contacts

Simplify device communication with optional bus cross connectors. Connect several modules together quickly and safely.

  • Can be loaded with a current strength of up to 8 A and 160 V

Information on Phoenix Contact press-drawn section housings

The main features of the press-drawn section housings are fast installation and the flexible positioning and length of the PCB. Develop devices according to your requirements by freely choosing the PCB connection technology. The open design principle is ideal for PCBs with large components. Your electronics are protected by optional hoods. Benefit from a tailor-made housing length, the seamless integration of large electronics components thanks to the open design, and from easy, tool-free device mounting using the snap-mount principle. Furthermore, flexible design is possible, thanks to a freely positionable covering hood.


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