Solid-state contactors

Solid-state contactors

Wear-free switching

Solid-state contactors – silent and reliable for every AC voltage network

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Solid-state contactors are far superior to mechanical contactors in terms of switching speed, service life, and robustness. This is because they also work reliably and with stable switching times in dusty or chemically aggressive atmospheres. They switch resistive and inductive loads silently and without wear. The solid-state contactors from the CONTACTRON series are available for single and three-phase networks and, depending on the type, also provide a reversing function.

Your advantages

  • Reliable and fast switching, thanks to wear-free electronics
  • Robust – resistant to shocks and vibrations
  • Easy wiring, thanks to integrated locking circuit and load wiring
  • Switching capacity up to 18.5 kW
  • Direct start and reversing of three-phase asynchronous motors

Switching large AC loads

Overview Solid-state contactors

Error-free switching in the power supply network: solid-state contactors from Phoenix Contact only switch in zero crossing mode. This means that no high-frequency disturbing pulses are generated. Additional advantages in the field:

  • Easy control – with versions with 24 V DC or 230 V AC input voltage.
  • Integrated locking circuit and load wiring.
  • In the event that the module overheats, an optional thermal fuse shuts it down.


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