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High availability, thanks to plug-in switching elements

Machine and system availability  

High level of machine and system availability

The reliability of machines and systems plays a decisive role where the efficiency of production processes is concerned. The modular design of PLC logic with plug-in switching elements enables relays to be replaced swiftly in the event of servicing. Benefit from a high level of machine and system availability.

Flexible combination

Plug-in relays for flexible adjustment  

Combination of various relay and analog modules

In contrast to conventional logic modules, the interface level is fitted in a modular way. This enables particularly flexible adaptation to various application requirements. Depending on the switching frequency, both electromechanical and solid-state relays can be used. Furthermore, special sensor and actuator series are also available.

Analog modules enable the processing of analog standard signals such as current and voltage and of Pt 100/Pt 1000 signals.

The input and output signals can be configured via DIP switches.

Efficient wiring

Push-in connection technology

Easy application – high-performance connection:

  • Direct tool-free conductor connection for either solid conductors or pre-assembled conductors with ferrules
  • The special spring profile enables easy insertion of conductors with ferrules of 0.25 mm² or greater, while simultaneously maximizing conductor pull-out forces
  • The actuation lever permits easy conductor release using any type of tool, without direct contact with live parts
  • For connecting stranded conductors from 0.14 mm² without ferrules, the lever must simply be actuated during insertion

Conventional wiring in comparison with PLC logic

1) On conventional logic modules, module wiring is complex and time consuming. To avoid the disadvantages of permanently soldered relays, additional relay modules are often used in front of the inputs and outputs. PLC logic replaces conventional switching and control devices and reduces the wiring required.

2) The special sensor/actuator versions also enable direct connection of supply and return conductors. Save time and costs by using these versions as no additional potential terminal blocks are required.


Wireless operation and monitoring

PLC logic app  

PLC logic app for operation and monitoring

For wireless access to process data between the logic module and the mobile end device, the Bluetooth adapter, combined with the PLC logic app, is available to you. The app can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Once the app is installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can make parameter adjustments to the logic modules using this. The app can be used for operation and monitoring, as it can access all programmed variables. The visualization view is created via the editor of the integrated web server. 

The Bluetooth connection enables efficient monitoring of multiple logic modules, with just one visualization device.

Easy implementation of projects, thanks to intuitive software

Software screenshot  

LOGIC+ software

Configuration is quick and easy with the intuitive LOGIC+ programming software. Ladder (LD) and function block diagrams (FBD) can be created by selecting the relevant functions and their connection using drag & drop. In doing so, the following function blocks are available to the user:

  • Basic functions: AND, OR, NOT, XOR
  • Mathematical functions: add, divide, multiply, subtract, generate absolute value
  • Positive and negative edge detection
  • RS and SR flip-flops
  • Switch-on and switch-off delay, pulse encoder, pulse stretching, weekly clock timer
  • Up and down counter
  • Analog and digital comparators
  • Special functions, e.g., solar altitude calculations are available for download

The clear separation in the program editor, toolbox, hardware view, and signaling window are particularly user friendly. What's more, the entire program can be simulated and tested both online and offline. Numerous examples of use make it easy to get familiarized with the software.

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