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Fiber optics and copper installation technology

Fiber optic installation technology

Fiber optic cables  

Fiber optic installation technology

Increasing data quantities and transmission speeds, electromagnetic compatibility loads, and ever expanding installations quickly take conventional copper technology to its limits. For this reason, fiber optic data transmission has become the norm, particularly in critical applications with very high requirements regarding availability.

Phoenix Contact's fiber optic installation technology represents industrial solutions which are easy to install and can be maintained in no time at all.

Copper installation technology


Copper installation technology

Thanks to the use of connectors rather than branch lines, PROFIBUS wiring is significantly more flexible. The bus connectors can be inserted into the bus and removed at any time, without interrupting data traffic. The transmission technology according to RS-485 means you cannot only use 9-pos. D-SUB connectors but also M12 circular connectors.

D-SUB fast connection for every PROFIBUS device

The D-SUB fast connection plugs enable you to connect incoming and outgoing bus cables quickly and conveniently. The product range includes fast connection plugs for every PROFIBUS application:

  • 35° and 90° angled cable entry
  • Axial cable entry
  • Additional programming interface
  • Integrated, switchable termination resistors

You can use the plugs for PROFIBUS cables with both massive and stranded copper conductors. All versions already have an integrated termination resistor. A slide switch enables you to activate the termination resistor from the outside.

Surge protection

Ensure that your data and signals are protected from unauthorized access, viruses, worms, and trojans; however, the risk of harm caused by surge voltages as a result of lightning strikes or switching operations must also be prevented.
With surge protection, you do not only forestall mechanical damage, but also protect yourself from losing software and data due to voltage peaks. In particular where cabling extends beyond a building, it is primarily the devices that are connected to an Ethernet cable that are at risk.
Play it safe with TRABTECH surge protection from Phoenix Contact.


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