Power over Ethernet (PoE) splitter in a robust metal housing

PoE splitters Separate data and power locally

The FL PD 1001 PoE splitter allows you to easily connect end devices without a PoE interface, such as WLAN or Bluetooth access points, controllers, and I/O stations, to a PoE interface. The splitter separates the data and the power locally. It therefore also enables easy and cost-effective installation in remote stations, even for non-PoE-capable devices.

Your advantages

  • Can be used in flat control cabinets thanks to upward and downward facing outgoing ports
  • Can be used in very remote stations with the extended temperature range
  • Versatile use with Gigabit transmission and support for PoE and PoE+
Underside of the PoE splitter with RJ45 port

Metal housing and extended temperature range enable use in harsh environments

Compact and robust design

Thanks to its metal housing and extended temperature range, the FL PD 1001T GT Power over Ethernet splitter is suitable for use in harsh environments and remote stations.

Its narrow design and port outlets facing both upwards and downwards mean that it is easy to install, even in flat control boxes.

PoE splitter with controller in a control box

The PoE can supply remote Ethernet end devices such as controllers and WLAN access points with voltage and current

Powerful and flexible in use

With support for Gigabit and Fast Ethernet, the PoE splitter can be used for any transmission speed. Furthermore, the switch supports both ​PoE​ (​IEEE​ 802.3af) and ​PoE​+ (​IEEE 802.3at​). A supply of 24 V DC, and, depending on feed-in, a power of up to 25 W is available at the output. This enables a multitude of application scenarios for a wide range of Ethernet devices. Furthermore, the splitter features LED diagnostics for the output voltage and power.

Because it does not interfere with data transmission, the PoE splitter can be used for all automation protocols.

Overview of PoE splitters

PD 1000 PoE splitters
PD 1000 PoE splitters

Transmission speed 10/100/1000 Mbps
Power supply via PoE/PoE+ (48 V DC)
Temperature range -40°C ... +70°C
Degree of protection IP20
Output voltage 24 V DC
Approvals -
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