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SAFETYPROG – the programming software for functional safety

Integrate functional safety easily in your automation with just a click of the mouse. SAFETYPROG is the programming software for our high-performance safety controllers. It can be used to create safety systems that are tailored to your requirements: from a simple emergency stop to a complex safety network.

Safety made easy

Functional safety – intuitively programmed with SAFETYPROG  

Functional safety – intuitively programmed with SAFETYPROG

SAFETYPROG can be used to develop safe applications with safety controllers. PROFIsafe or INTERBUS-Safety networks are used for this. The TÜV-certified programming tool guides you through the various development phases of a safety application.

  • Compiling the project
  • Sending the project to the safety controller
  • Controlling the safety controller, e.g., start, stop or reset
  • Performing function tests
  • Monitoring the safety controller and debugging the safety application
  • Project documentation
  • Printing project documentation

Functional safety with useful tools

SAFETYPROG offers many innovative tools, which enable you to reliably integrate functional safety in your automation system.

User managementFor restricting access rights and logging changes
Bus configuration projectFor importing process and diagnostic data. This data can then be inserted in the graphical code from the global variables worksheet.
Bus navigatorFor parameterizing and displaying connected safe devices including their descriptions and security IDs
Code editor and Edit wizardFor developing the application code in function block diagram (FBD) and ladder diagram (LD)
Coupling of safe and standard PLCFor exchanging standard signals in the form of exchange variables
Project treeFor organizing and structuring the safety application, e.g., by inserting firmware libraries
Cross-reference and message windowsFor displaying messages or cross references
Controller simulationFor simulating the safety logic with the entire scope of functions of the safety controller
Variable editorFor the grid-oriented declaration of variables
Monitoring and debug functionsFor forcing/overwriting variables, single-cycle mode, watch window or for displaying the variable status

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