IoT-based PLC for building infrastructure

PLC for building infrastructure

Building IoT – easy automation

Fast and efficient integration, parameterization, and visualization.

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The high-performance, modular IoT-based ILC 2050 BI controller is specifically designed for automation tasks in buildings, especially monitoring and control of building infrastructure, energy flow, and HVAC applications. The controller is scalable and can be used for any number of hardware and software applications.

Your advantages

  • Reduced startup costs with standardized functions
  • With various protocols on a single controller there is little effort required to integrate sensors and actuators
  • Easy programming using drag and drop
  • Cost-effective operation with location-independent, web-based maintenance, monitoring, and programming

Integration of subsections – open, efficient, limitless

Building with different subsections and a rooftop solar system  

Easy integration of different subsections

The main advantage of the Niagara framework is the integration of data from various bus systems and protocols at field level. This information is compiled and processed in a controller, and then forwarded. The controller supports numerous communication drivers, including BACnet/IP, Modbus/TCP, KNXnet/IP, LonMark IP-852, oBIX, and SNMP. 

The data from connected devices and networks is standardized and is then available in the overall system

Flexible license model


Flexible licensing – tailor-made solution

The Niagara license for the controller is based on the number of data points that can be integrated. The basic license starts at 250 data points and can be extended to up to 10,000 data points. A maintenance license for software updates and upgrades is also required. You can choose between a runtime of one, three or five years. Just get in touch with us, and we'll find the right license for your project.

Station management at server level – supervisor and Workbench

Control cabinets and industrial PC with visualization  

Easy and efficient parameterization of stations


The supervisor provides a graphical representation of real-time information and server functions, such as central trend logging, archiving, alarms, visualization, scheduler, system-wide database management, and integration in SCADA systems. The supervisor uses various IP-based protocols such as BACnet/IP, Modbus/TCP, KNXnet/IP, LonMark IP-852, oBIX, and SNMP and a standardized object model to support direct communication with other systems.


Workbench is the integrated supervisor development platform with graphic and text-based programming tools. Workbench is used for the configuration of communication interfaces, web visualization, user management, and contains an alarm console. Workbench provides all the necessary components for developing complex functions for standard modules. Wiresheet views offer programming applications using drag and drop. Each supervisor license includes a Workbench license.


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