ME-MAX modular housings

ME-MAX modular housings

Lots of space in a flexible modular design

With a function-oriented design and overall widths ranging from 12.5 to 90 mm, ME-MAX offers tailor-made solutions for your electronics.

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Modular, functional, and design-oriented ME-MAX electronics housings for modern industrial electronics: variable connection technology, bus connectors, and modularity ensure the right device design for every application.

Your advantages:

  • Modular housing design enables variable electronics solutions
  • Optimum amount of useful area for PCB assembly, operation, and display
  • Tailor-made connection technologies for signal, data, and power transmission (up to 42 A) with various pitches
  • TBUS DIN rail cross connectors and PCO power connectors for module-to-module communication

Modular housing design

Modular housing design  

Flexible, thanks to the modular principle

The housing used has a decisive impact on how efficiently a device is mounted. As a result, ME-MAX housings allow individual parts to be latched together easily. What's more, ME-MAX housings can be easily extended with central parts.

  • Quick and easy device mounting
  • Overall width can be extended using central parts

Flexible connection technology

Connection technology  

Connection technology

The connection technology that we offer with various pitches and numbers of positions is crucial for a space-saving device. You can therefore transmit control signals of a few milliamps or supply voltages of several hundred volts, for example. This means that you have the right connection technology for all applications.

  • Connection technology with pitches from 3.5 to 7.5 mm for voltages up to 600 V in accordance with UL
  • PCB terminal blocks and plug-in connection technologies available
  • Push-in and screw technology for all terminal block types

DIN rail connector

DIN rail connector  

TBUS connectors for easy module contacting

For a device system to be innovative and fit for the future, it must be possible to connect modules to one another on the DIN rail easily and without any errors.

  • Serial or parallel data transmission with 5 positions in the DIN rail can be implemented
  • Optimum utilization of the PCB surface, thanks to the use of the ME-TBUS adapter
  • Distribute high currents of up to 42 A at 60 V DC between modules using PCO connectors


Optical signal displays

Light guides  

Optical signal displays

The HS LC light guides for electronics housings are available in a variety of designs. We also offer the processing required on the electronics housings as an optional service.

  • Light guides are perfectly matched to electronics housings
  • Easy mounting on the PCB using press pins
    Resistance to ESD

Information on Phoenix Contact modular housings

Protect your PCB and implement an optimum device solution with modular housings. At the same time, you save space, time, and money. Take advantage of the many options offered in our comprehensive range. You will benefit from safe, durable, and sophisticated housings for (semi-)industrial devices. Our housings allow optimum use of space, thanks to graded overall widths and different housing heights.


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Housing system with flexible modular design.