BC modular housings

BC modular housings

Support for future-oriented building automation

Clever features of the BC series: free choice of PCB connection technology and a 16-pos. DIN rail connector.

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Modular electronics housings from the BC series represent future-oriented applications in building automation. The electronics housings impress thanks to their modern design, versatile PCB connection technology, and efficient DIN rail connector. BC housings are suitable for direct wall mounting or use in installation distributors in accordance with DIN 43880.

Your advantages:

  • Maximum flexibility, thanks to free choice of PCB connection technology and various overall widths
  • Standard-compliant housing and installation dimensions for use in installation distributors
  • Fast installation or module replacement without breaking up the topology – possible thanks to the HBUS connector
  • 16-pos. DIN rail connector for serial and parallel modular communication
  • Freedom in device development, as the PCB can be aligned in three spatial directions
  • Optimum adaptation to device requirements, thanks to different cover versions

Complete flexibility

Complete flexibility  

Complete flexibility when selecting the connection

A new definition of flexibility with the innovative modular upper part. Decide where a lot of installation space is needed and design the upper housing part in accordance with your specific application. It is the first housing that can be tailored to your particular design specifications.

  • Standard-compliant housing geometry in accordance with DIN 43880 for device installation in the installation distributor
  • Perfect integration of a wide range of connection technologies

Free choice of PCB connection technology

Free choice of PCB connection technology  

Free choice when selecting the connection

The decisive factor for the versatility of the BC series is the free choice of PCB connection technology. Installation component housings from Phoenix Contact offer various types of clamping space:

  • BC...U11 with small installation space for PCB connections: ideal for COMBICON compact
  • BC...U22 with large installation space for PCB connections: for conventional connection technologies or data connectors

Various cover versions

Various cover versions  

Various cover versions

As the central idea behind the BC series, versatility is also carried over to the cover design. Whatever the requirements you place on your device, the cover is available in a transparent or gray version, and can be sealed.

  • Transparent cover to be opened by hand, with a plastic board behind it for the integration of displays or control elements
  • The transparent cover can be sealed

DIN rail connector

DIN rail connector  

DIN rail connector

Connect your modules quickly and easily – the bus connector is the key to clever device design:
Data and energy can be transmitted in series or in parallel (4 x power, 2 x series, 10 x parallel)

  • Easy module installation, module replacement without breaking up the topology, and reduced wiring effort
  • 16 gold-plated contacts for maximum conductivity

Optical signal displays

Light guides  

Optical signal displays

The HS LC light guides for electronics housings are available in a variety of designs. We also offer the processing required on the electronics housings as an optional service.

  • Light guides are perfectly matched to electronics housings
  • Easy mounting on the PCB using press pins
  • Resistance to ESD

Information on Phoenix Contact modular housings

Protect your PCB and implement an optimum device solution with modular housings. At the same time, you save space, time, and money. Take advantage of the many options offered in our comprehensive range. You will benefit from safe, durable, and sophisticated housings for (semi-)industrial devices. Our housings allow optimum use of space, thanks to graded overall widths and different housing heights.


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