ICS modular housings

ICS modular housings

A square has never been more adaptable

ICS modular electronics housings for the IoT devices of tomorrow.

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The solutions offered by the ICS modular housing system are as varied as the requirements on future-oriented automation devices. Benefit from a housing system with graduated sizes, variable connection technology, and optional DIN rail connectors.

Your advantages

  • Flexible use, thanks to the modular system and unique modularity in the connection technology
  • Standardized connections such as RJ45, USB, D-SUB, and antenna sockets as integrative components
  • Optimal space utilization, as well as adaptability of design, colors, and printing
  • 8-position DIN rail connector with parallel and serial contacts for easy module-to-module communication

Configurator for individual ICS-series housing covers

Configurator for individual ICS-series housing covers

Design your own individual ICS-series housing covers and take advantage of the PROTIQ 3D printing services for the production of prototypes. Once you have decided upon a design, you can move on to the series production of your individual housing cover.

Extensive modularity

Housings in various overall widths, heights, and depths  

Extensive modularity

The modular system of the ICS housing provides a high level of scalability, tailor-made for your requirements:

  • Overall widths of 20 mm, 25 mm and 50 mm
  • Heights of 77.5 mm, 100 mm, and 122.5 mm
  • Depths of 87.5 mm, 110 mm, and 132.5 mm

Integrated connection technology

ICS housings with various integrated connection technologies  

Integrated connection technology

The ICS series features a modular connection technology that is unique on the market:

  • RJ45, D-SUB, USB, and antenna connections
  • PCB headers for the plug-in connection technology of the ICS-series housings
  • Connection plug with screw connection or Push-in technology with 3- and 4-pos. with 5.0 mm pitch

Optimum space utilization and adaptability

One option for assembling the ICS housing  

Optimum space utilization and adaptability

Thanks to its flexibility, the ICS housing enables the implementation of technically complex solutions in a confined space:

  • Space for up to two printed-circuit boards with an installation time of just a few seconds
  • More space for relays and electrolytic capacitors for example, thanks to the housing width of 25 mm
  • Adaptability of design, colors, and printing

Passive heatsinks for thermally demanding applications

Passive heatsinks  

Passive heatsinks

Passive heatsinks enable electronics housings to also be used in demanding applications with high temperatures. Customize the heatsinks to adapt them to your device design. Use our range of services for this, all available from a single source. For example, comprehensive thermal simulations help you design the optimum PCB layout.

8-position DIN rail connectors

8-position DIN rail connectors  

DIN rail connectors for flexible ICS housing applications

An 8-position DIN rail connector increases the flexible application of the ICS housing:

  • Easy connection of single ICS housings together, thanks to 8-position DIN rail connectors with serial and parallel contacts

Optical signal displays

Light guides as accessories  

Light guides as accessories

The HS LC light guides for electronics housings are available in a variety of designs. We also provide the processing required on the electronics housings as an optional service.

  • Light guides are perfectly matched to electronics housings
  • Easy mounting on the PCB thanks to press pins
  • ESD resistance

Information on Phoenix Contact modular housings

Protect your PCB and realize the optimum device solution with modular housings. At the same time, you save space, time, and money. Take advantage of the many options available in our comprehensive range. You will benefit from safe, durable, and sophisticated housings for (semi-)industrial devices. Our housings enable the optimum use of space, thanks to graded overall widths and different housing heights.


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