Hybrid motor starters – Network-capable

Hybrid motor starters – Network-capable

Easy networking

Network hybrid motor starters easily with IO-Link, integration via interface system connection.

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Integration into fieldbus systems is implemented using the INTERFACE system connection. Corresponding gateways are available for all common fieldbus systems. Transfer your process data easily and network your devices quickly using both the Interface system and the available IO-Link versions. Not only do you benefit from space and wiring savings, you also get the advantage of diagnostic functions. Custom process data linking helps you meet your application requirements – and that includes digitalization and Industrie 4.0.

Your advantages

  • Flexible and straightforward fieldbus connection with a suitable gateway
  • Simple 24 V power supply to IFS devices without additional wiring effort
  • Fast connection of other IFS devices, thanks to the DIN rail connector latching concept
  • I/O cards no longer required (controller), thanks to the 8 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs on the gateway

Fieldbus connection via interface system (IFS)

Fieldbus connection via interface system (IFS)

The hybrid motor starters are connected to PROFINET via the EMPNET-GATEWAY-IFS. Connection is via a DIN rail connector, which provides the 24 V supply voltage and is also used to control the devices. Digital outputs are not required to control the motor starters. The motors are shut down via enable inputs with a safety relay or a safe controller in accordance with PL e. The EM-PNET-GATEWAY-IFS has eight digital inputs and four freely programmable outputs. For a modular or distributed structure, this means you occupy fewer I/O cards on the controller or remote I/Os. In this case, the position switches are directly connected to the PROFINET gateway, for example.

Hybrid motor starters for networking with IO-Link

Hybrid motor starters for networking with IO-Link

The IO-Link versions that can be networked help you ensure consistent communication between field and control level, thereby enabling the easy transfer of process data. The advantages in the field include: 

  • Flexible use in the central control cabinet and in the decentral control box
  • Increased system availability, thanks to service intervals based on process data
  • Low-wear switching, thanks to hybrid technology



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