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Transmit signals, data, and power simultaneously using hybrid connectors.

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Phoenix Contact offers a range of hybrid connectors for communication interfaces and powerful motor connections. This means that you can transmit data, signals, and power easily in a single connector, thereby saving space.

Your advantages

  • Save time and space – by combining signals and power in a single plug
  • Complete installation concept – thanks to M12 hybrid plugs and matching panel feed-through
  • Suitable for use in a wide range of applications – thanks to plastic housing with a metal powder and a metal EMC coating

M12 hybrid connectors

M12 hybrid connectors  

M12 hybrid connectors

Save time and space: with the M12 hybrid device connectors, you can transmit data and power to the device in a space-saving way. And all in a compact design suitable for industrial applications.

  • Up to 100 Mbps
  • Currents up to 6 A

M23 hybrid connectors

M23 hybrid connectors  

M23 hybrid connectors

The circular connectors can be used to transmit signals, data, and power using just one connector – in a compact and robust M23 design.

  • 30 A/850 V DC or 630 V AC
  • Contacts: 4 x signal, 4 x power, 4 x data
    or 4 x power, 8 x signal


M40 hybrid connectors

M40 hybrid connectors  

M40 hybrid connectors

As a result of their robust design, M40 hybrid connectors are primarily suited to servo drives or daisy chain applications. Thanks to a range of different data inserts and mechanical codings, you can transmit signals, data, and power safely using just one connector.

  • Currents up to 70 A

  • Voltages up to 630 V AC/850 V DC

  • Connection cross sections up to 16 mm²

  • Contacts: 4 x signal, 4 x data (can be swapped with
    4 x signal), 4 x power + PE


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D12 XE18


Hybrid plug-in connectors in M23/M40

The 3-in-1 multitalents for data, signals and power


Configure your connector along with the corresponding pre-assembled cable for your specific application.

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