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Licenses for extending the functionality of mGuard products.

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Networks grow and requirements change: mGuard license options allow you to extend mGuard firmware with various options at any time and therefore individually configure the functions with the area of application in mind.

Your advantages

  • Tailor-made solutions through additional security functions
  • A high level of investment security, as can be subsequently extended
  • Pay for exactly what you need, thanks to customized combination of security functions

Software updates

Security is an ongoing process: we work day in, day out, on making our devices more secure. It is therefore essential that your security appliances are always up-to-date. The Lifetime license automatically updates your mGuards to the latest software version. This means that you can optimally protect your network.

Redundancy functions

Using the redundancy functions enables you to increase the availability of your system. For this purpose, two mGuard security appliances are redundantly positioned at the application location in your network.

In normal mode, one mGuard is active while the other serves as a backup. Both systems continuously exchange data on your status. Should the primary, active mGuard fail, the backup device seamlessly takes over its role. Depending on the license, the redundancy function is only available for the firewall or VPN and firewall.

OPC Inspector – Deep Packet Inspection for OPC Classic

mGuard OPC Inspector with Deep Packet Inspection  

Thanks to Deep Packet Inspection, the mGuard OPC Inspector thoroughly inspects each data packet

The OPC Classic protocol is widely used in the industry. Conventional firewalls, however, are unable to protect this protocol – with serious consequences: traffic cannot be regulated with a firewall in systems using OPC classic. This results in serious security issues.

The industrial mGuard security products from Phoenix Contact (as of firmware 8.1) can be upgraded to include the OPC inspector function. This software extension analyzes, understands, and enables OPC traffic. This gives you reliable, secure OPC communication with the maximum level of security.

The following functions are supported especially for OPC classic:  

  • Firewall for OPC Classic applications
  • Deep Packet Inspection for OPC Classic
  • Defence in depth
  • Segmenting, thanks to NAT

CIFS Integrity Monitoring

When CIFS integrity monitoring is performed, Windows network drives are checked against a reference status to determine whether certain files have been changed. Even infections for which there are no virus signatures can be reliably and quickly detected. What is more, there is also the option to combine drives “behind” the mGuard and have them checked by a virus scanner.

CIFS Integrity Monitoring functions without being installed on the systems to be monitored. The functional extension is therefore ideally suited to unpatchable systems.

VPN extensions

mGuard security appliances: depending on the device type, various numbers of VPN remote peers can be simultaneously connected. Should requirements increase over the course of time, the number of connected remote peers can be extended for all mGuard security appliances by means of licenses (excluding FL MGUARD RS2000).

The maximum number of connected remote peers is defined by the device class (see table). Extensions can take place in increments of 10, 100, 250, and 1000 remote peers.

mGuard device type

Maximum possible VPN remote peers


2 (not extendable)


C6 The Exchange
Calmount Park
Dublin 12
D12 XE18