Remote maintenance in the cloud

With Internet technologies, you have the capability to establish connections to your machines and systems anywhere and at any time. To safeguard your network connections against interference and manipulation, Phoenix Contact provides products featuring state-of-the-art security mechanisms such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), and self-learning firewalls. This ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of your data.

The mGuard Secure Remote Service securely connects service personnel and remote maintenance targets via the Internet. This industrial service provides operators, machine builders, and system manufacturers with a turnkey remote maintenance solution in the cloud.

Your advantages

  • Easy startup with configuration wizards
  • Intuitive web interface operation
  • Compatible with all mGuard security appliances, cloud clients, certified software VPN clients, and PLCnext Control devices
  • Support for cellular devices such as Apple iPad and iPhone devices
  • Reliable operation in high-availability data centers

Remote maintenance for compact, independent machines Easy connection to the mGuard Secure Remote Service

Remote error correction, remote PLC program updating, and additional remote support are desired for many machines. The mGuard Secure Remote Service is a fast and secure solution for this remote access.

Cloud clients are ideally suited for the remote maintenance of individual, compact machines with small IP networks. They connect the machine to the mGuard Secure Remote Service securely via VPN. The cellular network version is ideally suited for stand-alone machines without a network connection. With the LAN version, remote maintenance access can be easily retrofitted in existing networks. The cloud clients can be integrated easily into an existing machine network.

Topology: Remote maintenance for compact, stand-alone machines

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Integration into the production network Protection of the network

Protection against unauthorized access by people or malware is becoming increasingly more important for networked machines. The FL MGUARD RS2000 mGuard products from Phoenix Contact secure your machine network with a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-operate firewall. This enables the regulation of access to the machine in the production network, e.g. in ERP systems, and the secure connection of the machine to the mGuard Secure Remote Service via VPN. The remote maintenance connection is configured automatically in the cloud and imported into the FL MGUARD. A key switch is ideal for starting the connection – the operator thus retains complete control of the VPN connection on site.

Topology: Remote maintenance – integration into the production network

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High network availability Monitoring the data traffic

When there is a high number of networked machines and systems, the availability of the machine network is of paramount importance. Detailed monitoring of the data traffic and complex security concepts are therefore necessary.

The FL MGUARD monitors communication between the production and machine networks. The MGUARD RS4004 is also equipped with a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) port. This enables, with the help of additional firewall rules, secure local maintenance access to the machine. A firewall monitors the incoming and outgoing data traffic at each port. Thus, the machine cannot be accessed in the production network during maintenance work.

Remote maintenance topology: high network availability

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