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Our CHARX control AC charging controllers control and monitor the standard-compliant mode 3 charging of electric vehicles. The controllers can be configured via a browser or DIP switches and have interfaces for communication with energy meters and energy management systems. Optional functions include a 3G modem, RFID user authorization, DC residual current monitoring, automatic charging connector release in the event of power failure, and integrated load management in master-slave operation.

Your advantages

  • Standard-compliant AC charging in accordance with IEC 61851-1, SAE J1772, and GB/T 20234
  • High flexibility with extensive configuration options
  • Easy implementation of intelligent charging infrastructures with integrated load management
  • Easy integration into management systems with standardized communication interfaces

From a single charging point to networked charging infrastructure

Our CHARX control charging controllers can be operated both autonomously and in networks. Status data is acquired via the integrated communication interfaces, and controlled intervention in the charging process is supported. Here, we focus on the use of standardized communication interfaces and protocols, therefore providing easy connection options to a variety of automation systems.

CHARX control basic for private applications

CHARX control basic charging controller as a coated PCB and in a DIN rail housing  

CHARX control basic charging controller as a coated PCB and in a DIN rail housing

This product is a compact, cost-effective controller solution specifically for simple charging points.

The charging controller is available as a DIN rail device, but also as a coated PCB for harsh environments. An additional version with pluggable Push-in connection technology is available for compact and quick installation.

Application example: Simple charging point

Setup of a simple AC charging point  

Simple charging point with CHARX control basic

The CHARX control basic can be used to install single charging stations with just a few components quickly – whether at home or in a commercial environment.

With the optional connection of the CHARX control rcm RCM modules for residual current detection, you can increase the voltage protection level of the charging station in accordance with normative specifications. This helps you achieve maximum system availability.

CHARX control advanced for commercial applications

CHARX control advanced charging controller in a DIN rail housing  

CHARX control advanced charging controller in a DIN rail housing

This charging controller integrates all the necessary control functions for commercial charging points and features comprehensive configuration options via DIP switch.

Furthermore, it supports load and energy management on company premises and in parking lots, thanks to its Ethernet interface. Energy meters can also be integrated via the RS-485 interface.

Application example: Networked charging points

Three networked charging points with energy meters and superordinate controller  

Three networked charging points with CHARX control advanced, energy meters, and superordinate controller

The configurable RS-485 interface can be used to connect various energy meters to the CHARX control advanced charging controller, making it possible to record the charging point performance data.

Using the integrated Ethernet interface, you can configure the charging controller as well as establish an intelligent connection to higher-level control systems.

CHARX control advanced plus for public applications

CHARX control advanced plus charging controller in a DIN rail housing with optional 3G modem  

CHARX control advanced plus charging controller in a DIN rail housing with optional 3G modem

This charging controller combines all relevant control, communication, and monitoring functions in one compact housing. Along with Ethernet and RS-485 interfaces, the controller features DC residual current monitoring, an automatic connector release mechanism in the event of voltage failure, convenient user authorization via RFID, and convenient configuration via web interface.

Optional features include OCPP-capable cellular communication, Ethernet interfaces, and integrated load management. Here, the master controller distributes the available connection power to up to 10 slave controllers as protection against overload.

Application example: Charging point with backend integration

Charging point with energy meter and cloud-based billing via cellular communication  

Charging point with CHARX control advanced plus, energy meter, and cloud-based billing via cellular communication

With the optional CHARX control advanced plus OCPP interface, you can link a charging station to cloud-based billing systems via Ethernet or cellular communication.

An MID energy meter can be integrated into the application for precise billing. This makes the controller an ideal solution for public applications.

Additional CHARX products for AC charging infrastructure

Electric car at a charging station  

We provide a comprehensive portfolio for charging electric vehicles

Take advantage of our extensive portfolio for setting up powerful AC charging stations or complete charging parks. Along with the products described here, we also provide:


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