Networking with WLAN and Bluetooth

Networking with WLAN and Bluetooth

Mobility for your industrial network

Wireless Ethernet – unrivaled flexibility combined with low maintenance and installation costs.

When it comes to the automation of your factory, benefit from the possibilities offered by wireless network communication and reliable industrial components from Phoenix Contact. Wireless Ethernet enables you to implement consistent network solutions in widespread systems and integrate mobile devices along safe, high-performance, and easy-to-maintain lines.

Your advantages

  • Seamless and inexpensive integration into existing networks, thanks to flexible installation and configuration concepts
  • Maximum reliability and availability with the ideal features for industrial applications
  • Versatile use from voice-over-IP to safety – thanks to Ethernet being used as the common communication standard

Wireless network communication capabilities

Wireless Ethernet from Phoenix Contact can be used to implement consistent network solutions:

  • Integration of moving devices
  • Functionally safe communication
  • Fast communication connections, including with remote devices
Wireless network communication  

Consistent network solutions with WLAN

Networking shuttles and automated guided vehicle systems

Uninterrupted roaming  

WLAN 1100 and 5110 uninterrupted roaming for AGV

Flexible transport solutions are the basis for agile production and logistics according to the principles of Industrie 4.0. For this reason, autonomous automated guided vehicle systems (AGV) are increasingly being used in modern intralogistics and at the smart factory.

One crucial factor in reliable and efficient operation is transparent and high-performance wireless communication. Phoenix Contact offers suitable Industrial Wireless LAN solutions for this function. The 5110 WLAN access points enable reliable WLAN lighting for your production hall or warehouse. The compact WLAN 1100 with integrated antennas can be used on shuttles and vehicle systems. High-speed roaming prevents disconnections and ensures reliable communication.

Monitoring machines and systems using smart devices

Secure WLAN connection  

WLAN 1100 enables a highly secure WLAN connection between various network devices

Always have your machine status at your fingertips on your smartphone, tablet or smart watch. Using the WLAN 1100 access point machine, you can integrate smart devices into the machine network easily and securely. The special product concept with antennas that are already integrated enables easy installation right on machines or control cabinets.

The WLAN 1100 provides more security through the option to protect connections with one-time passwords and regulate access to the network using filters. This makes it easier to ensure that only authorized persons can gain access to the machine and the approved systems.

Functionally safe communication via Bluetooth

Secure data transmission via Bluetooth  

Functionally safe data transmission via Bluetooth with FL EPA 2 and SafetyBridge technology

Ensuring that signal transmission is functionally safe is often a basic requirement in areas where machines or vehicles are in motion. This can also be accomplished easily using a wireless solution such as a ProfiSAFE or SafetyBridge solution over Bluetooth or WLAN.

Phoenix Contact WLAN and Bluetooth components ensure stable and reliable wireless transmission of signals. The safety protocol detects errors or timeouts in the communication and automatically switches the application to the safe state.


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