Process industry 4.0

Modernization and digitalization of process systems

Modernize process systems

We will accompany you on the journey to a state-of-the-art digital system.

Find out here what a three-step plan to a state-of-the-art digital system looks like. It includes the very latest in modern communications, along with optimal maintenance processes designed to prevent unscheduled failures. Inspection rounds and documentation are completely paperless in a system of this type.

Step 1: Renovating the control engineering

Migrating from old systems to new  

Migrating from old systems to new

The first step for operators is to analyze the status quo of their systems. How old are the control system and the measurement and control engineering that are in use? This takes us to the question of when the right time for a migration is.

Learn how experts in automation engineering can help you make the conversion from old to new. We take careful stock and consult with you to keep downtimes to a minimum.

Step 2: Going paperless into Maintenance 4.0

Industrial WLAN coverage  

Expand smart infrastructures, thanks to industrial WLAN coverage

The next step for system fitness takes place in the field, once operators have brought their control and MCR technology up to the state of the art.

Here is where the mix of smart system identification and industrial WLAN coverage join to form the foundation for efficient maintenance processes that operators can introduce gradually.

Step 3: Combining measurement data with artificial intelligence

Predictive system maintenance  

Detect potential malfunctions early with predictive maintenance

As an operator, if you are able to detect potential malfunctions early by collecting measurement data, you can schedule troubleshooting and the downtime associated with it accordingly. You can even postpone them until later, if necessary.

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