Wireless Ethernet

Wireless Ethernet

Mobility for your industrial network

Wireless Ethernet – unrivaled flexibility combined with low maintenance and installation costs.

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  • Contactless power and data transmission
    NearFi couplers for contactless power and data transmission

    NearFi couplers transmit power and real-time Ethernet data across an air gap without the need for contact.

  • Industrial Bluetooth
    As reliable as a cable

    Bluetooth devices for reliable, straightforward and wireless connection of controllers with mobile or interchangeable automation devices.

  • Industrial WLAN
    Industrial WLAN

    Devices for wireless networks based on WLAN technology. Flexible and efficient.

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Benefit from the options offered by wireless communication and reliable industrial components from Phoenix Contact. Wireless Ethernet is the ideal solution for large systems or mobile machinery – secure, high-performance, and maintenance-friendly.

Your advantages

  • Seamless and inexpensive integration into existing networks with flexible installation and configuration concepts
  • Maximum reliability and availability with optimum properties for industrial applications
  • Versatile use from voice-over-IP to safety – thanks to Ethernet being used as the common communication standard

The right technology for your application

WLAN, Bluetooth, and NearFi technology  

Wireless technologies for every requirement

You are guaranteed to find the right solution for your application in the Wireless range from Phoenix Contact. We offer various wireless standards with particular strengths:

Factoryline WLAN
For connecting numerous mobile devices in a large network with a high level of performance

Factoryline Bluetooth
For the extremely easy connection of automation components, even parallel to other wireless systems

For contactless power and real-time Ethernet data transmission in the near-field range


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