String combiner for photovoltaic systems

Tailor-made solution concepts

Tailor-made solution concepts

Fast installation and startup as well as high availability of photovoltaic systems.

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In regions with varying climatic conditions, photovoltaic systems need to achieve maximum availability and performance. The important factors here are collecting and distributing string currents, protecting the individual modules against damage from lightning and overvoltages, and monitoring the performance of the system.

Your advantages

  • Application-oriented analysis and consultation
  • Optimum positioning of surge protection
  • Use of the best connection technologies and suitable components
  • Durable and error-free operation, thanks to comprehensively tested solutions
  • Tailor-made for every customer requirement

String combiner boxes with external string fuse

SCB with string fuse outside the control box  

SCB with external string fuse

The string combiner boxes (SCBs) with string fuse outside the control box impress with their compact design and flexible field of application. Placing the fuse on the outside significantly reduces the thermal load of the internal components, as the fuses can optimally discharge their waste heat into the environment.

String combiner boxes with standard string fuse

SCB with standard string fuse  

Pre-assembled SCBs with standard string fuse

Reliably monitor the status of your photovoltaic system with string combiner boxes from Phoenix Contact. The solutions with standard string fuse offer a temperature-optimized control cabinet design which prevents important components, such as monitoring systems, from failing due to thermal overload.


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