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Efficient and reliable automation of systems with industrial wireless systems from Phoenix Contact.

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  • Haloila packaging machines
    Haloila packaging machines

    Industrial Bluetooth wireless systems from Phoenix Contact guarantee reliable wireless communication between the controller and rotating machine parts.

  • Lock system in Kiel-Holtenau
    Lock system in Kiel-Holtenau

    The Radioline wireless system from Phoenix Contact supports monitoring of building operations at Kiel-Holtenau locks.

  • MPG Mendener Präzisionsrohr foundry
    MPG Mendener Präzisionsrohr foundry

    The MPG Mendener Präzisionsrohr foundry has been producing and processing metals for over 100 years and is one of the market leaders in copper alloy heat exchanger tubes in Europe.

  • NSG Group
    NSG Group

    The NSG Group manufactures glass products for the automotive industry and construction industry.

  • Niederhausen hydroelectric power plant
    Wireless communication in a hydroelectric power plant

    Operation of the Niederhausen hydroelectric power plant also includes monitoring the level of the adjoining reservoir.

In many applications, industrial wireless systems are the key to efficient and reliable automation solutions. Read the following success stories to find out how our customers have realized demanding projects with Industrial Wireless solutions from Phoenix Contact.


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