Motor starters

Motor starters

Intelligent motor switching

Switch and reverse motors quickly and reliably with compact hybrid motor starters.

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  • Hybrid motor starters – network-capable
    Hybrid motor starters – network-capable

    Integration into fieldbus systems using the INTERFACE system connection. Transfer process data and network devices quickly with the interface system and the IO-Link versions.

  • Hybrid motor starters - standalone
    Hybrid motor starters - standalone

    Hybrid motor starters consisting of direct and reversing starters available with a variety of functions such as emergency stop and motor protection.

  • Modular hybrid motor starters
    Modular hybrid motor starters

    CONTACTRON pro is the new product range from Phoenix Contact that offers simple safety integration and modular extension options. Based entirely on hybrid technology.

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Switch motors safely and reliably with compact standalone, modular, and network-ready hybrid motor starters. The devices can be used wherever three-phase asynchronous motors, from 50 W to 3 kW, need to be reversed and protected. The hybrid motor starter product range consists of direct and reversing starters, which are available with various functions such as emergency stop and motor protection.

Your advantages

  • Less space required, thanks to the slim design: 22.5 mm overall width
  • High system availability, thanks to 10 times longer service life with hybrid technology
  • Fast wiring, thanks to integrated locking circuit and load wiring
  • Adjustable motor protection with bimetal function up to 9 A
  • Flexible and straightforward fieldbus connection with a suitable gateway
  • Easy group shutdown via DIN rail connectors after an emergency stop, thanks to an upstream safety relay
  • Motor starters are a part of the COMPLETE line system

CONTACTRON hybrid technology

CONTACTRON hybrid technology

Enjoy a tenfold increase in service life with CONTACTRON hybrid technology. Experience greater system availability, thanks to a combination of wear-free semiconductor technology and robust relay technology.


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