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Standard functionality combined with high quality and reliability – TRIO POWER for use in machine building.

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The TRIO POWER power supplies are perfect for use in machine building. All functions and the space-saving design are tailored to the high requirements in this field. The power supply units, which feature an extremely robust electrical and mechanical design, ensure the reliable supply of all loads even under harsh ambient conditions.

Your advantages

  • Quick installation, thanks to tool-free Push-in connection and narrow design
  • Dynamic power reserve with 150% of the nominal current for 5 seconds
  • High operational reliability, thanks to the robust design
  • Maximum flexibility due to the wide temperature range from -25°C to +70°C and device startup at -40°C

Very cost-effective

High cost effectiveness, thanks to quick and easy installation with tool-free Push-in connection  

The conductors are connected without tools

Saves time, thanks to quick and easy, tool-free installation with Push-in connection. Space savings in the control cabinet, thanks to the narrow design.

Overall width:

  • Single-phase TRIO POWER power supplies:
    24 V / 3 A: 30 mm, 24 V / 5 A: 35 mm, 24 V / 10 A: 42 mm,
    24 V / 20 A: 68 mm
  • Three-phase TRIO POWER power supplies:
    24V / 5 A: 30 mm, 24 V / 10 A: 42 mm, 24 V / 20 A: 65 mm

Superior system availability

Superior system availability, thanks to the Dynamic Boost  

The dynamic boost provides additional power

The dynamic boost provides additional power to start difficult loads. TRIO POWER power supplies start difficult loads reliably and to do so, provide up to 150% of the nominal current for 5 seconds.

Robust design

Electrically robust, due to high electric strength  

Robust design

Due to the high electric strength of up to 300 V AC of the single-phase devices, the TRIO POWER power supplies are electrically robust. Even in the event of permanent failure of one phase, the three-phase modules continue to function without problems. TRIO POWER is mechanically robust, due to vibration resistance up to 4 kg and shock resistance up to 30 g.

Reliable device startup guarantees TRIO POWER functions even at -40°C (type-tested, from 10 A). High MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) values of more than 1 million hours at + 40°C ensure maximum availability.

Maximum flexibility

Maximum flexibility for the machine building environment  

Flexibility is the most important factor in the challenging environment of machine building

Thanks to the wide temperature range, from -25°C up to +70°C, a comprehensive approval package with UL 508 and UL/cUL 60950 as well as the large input voltage range for all standard AC and DC networks, the TRIO POWER power supplies are ideally suited to the challenging machine building environment. It is possible to compensate for voltage drops of 24 V DC to 28 V DC, thanks to adjustable output voltage on the front.

Input voltage:

  • Single-phase TRIO POWER: 85...264 V AC and 99...275 V DC
  • Three-phase TRIO POWER: 3x 320...575 V AC and 450...780 V DC

TRIO POWER with screw connection

Screw connection without Push-in connection  

TRIO POWER with screw connection and for special voltages

The TRIO POWER power supplies without Push-in connection feature a robust design and a temperature range of -25°C to +70°C, the third minus terminal for secondary-side grounding as well as maximum availability, thanks to the high MTBF of up to 1 million hours. For special applications, there are TRIO POWER power supplies for 12 or 48 V DC voltage.

TRIO POWER for frequency inverters

TRIO POWER for frequency inverters supplies all loads without interruption  

TRIO POWER for frequency inverters

This version of the TRIO POWER power supply is specifically designed for connection to frequency inverters. In the event of mains failure, the DC intermediate circuit voltage of the inverter continues to supply all connected 24 V loads without interruption.


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