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Precise and user friendly

Precise and user friendly

Sophisticated tools for all precise tasks in the field of electronics.

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Extremely detailed assembly work, mounting the PCB, precise bending and cutting – use the MICROFOX range of special pliers from Phoenix Contact. The integrated double leaf spring and the non-slip handle ensure precise work.

Your advantages

  • Protect electronic components, thanks to the ESD design
  • Ultra-precise: low tolerances during production
  • Durable, thanks to high-quality components and raw materials
  • Everything from a single source, thanks to the comprehensive product range

Protection against electrical charges

ESD electronics pliers  

ESD electronics pliers

Protect highly sensitive electronic components against electrostatic discharge (ESD). The special handles of the ESD electronics pliers are made from conductive plastic. This means that electrostatic energy is discharged in a gradual and controlled manner.


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