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The PSRmodular configurable safety system is a flexible safety solution for monitoring your machine or system. It makes it possible to cost-effectively implement small applications with three safety functions as well as applications with up to 160 I/Os. In addition to monitoring classic safety functions, such as emergency stop signals, safety door locks, light grids, and safety shut-off mats, safety functions such as speed, zero-speed, or direction of rotation and safe analog value monitoring can also be implemented. The system is intended for machines and process applications up to PL e or SIL 3.

Your advantages

  • High scalability: cost-effective safety solution with a high level of adaptability to individual requirements
  • Easy handling: fast startup with easy hardware and software configuration
  • Detailed diagnostics: machine downtimes minimized with comprehensive and user-friendly diagnostics

Individually scalable for your application

PSRmodular function modules on the DIN rail  

Individual safety solutions with PSRmodular

Our comprehensive product portfolio allows you to combine various function modules individually for optimum adaptation to your requirements. Use our high-performance base module as a stand-alone solution, or extend it in a modular way with the appropriate analog, motion, and extension modules. In addition, gateways are available for bidirectional communication which are compatible with all common bus protocols.

Tool-free and time-saving installation

PSRmodular with Push-in Technology  

Easy installation with Push-in Technology

Install your safety solution quickly and easily with PSRmodular. All function modules are optionally available with Push-in Technology, and enable convenient conductor connection and time-saving installation without using tools. When used in conjunction with the proven DIN rail connector, the space-saving 22.5 mm wide ME MAX housings ensure the easy and error-free connection of modules on the DIN rail, providing you with an innovative device system fit for the future.

Comprehensive diagnostic functions that can be configured easily

Configuration of ready-to-use function blocks  

Intuitive configuration of all diagnostic options

PSRmodular provides you with comprehensive function and diagnostic options, and can easily be configured without prior programming knowledge. Use our configuration software that consists of preconfigured and TÜV-certified software blocks. Design your safety system easily with drag and drop. Detailed simulation and a reporting function are available for validation purposes.

PSRmodular in use

Machine building  

Use in machine building

Our scalable safety system is used in a variety of industrial applications:

  • Process industry
  • Machine tools
  • Wind turbine generators
  • Elevator applications
  • Food industry
  • Packaging industry

Our function modules at a glance

Select your base module and extend your safety solution in a modular way using our extension modules:

Base modules (PSR-M-B)  

Base modules

Base modules (PSR-M-B)

Freely configurable base modules for monitoring emergency stop, safety doors, and light grids. Available with 8 safe inputs and various numbers of safe outputs, signal outputs, and clock outputs.

Safe extension modules (PSR-M-EF)  

Safe extension modules

Safe extension modules (PSR-M-EF)

Safe modules for flexible extension with various numbers of safe inputs and outputs, as well as modules for analog evaluation for monitoring safety shut-off mats and control strips.

Safe motion monitoring (PSR-M-EM)  

Safe motion monitoring

Safe motion monitoring (PSR-M-EM)

Safe extension modules for monitoring zero-speed, speed, direction of rotation, and NPN/PNP proximity switches, 1 or 2 x encoder (HTL, TTL, SINCOS), and monitoring up to two axes per module.

TBUS extension (PSR-M-TBUS)  

TBUS extension

TBUS extension (PSR-M-TBUS)

Safe extension module for local bus extension available with one or two function channels.

Gateways (PSR-M-GW)  


Gateways (PSR-M-GW)

Gateways to connect a PSR-M base module to a higher-level controller. Compatible with all common network protocols, such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT®, EtherNet/IP™, Modbus/TCP, DeviceNet™, CANopen®, and CC-Link.

Standard extension modules (PSR-M-E)  

Standard extension modules

Standard extension modules (PSR-M-E)

Flexible extension modules with 8 or 16 signal outputs.


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