DC UPS with integrated power supply

DC UPS with integrated power supply

Small and flexible

TRIO UPS and MINI UPS offer a compact solution – by combining two functions in the same housing.

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  • Product list MINI UPS

    The highly compact MINI UPS combines a power supply unit and electronic switchover unit in the same housing.

  • Product list TRIO UPS

    TRIO UPS has been developed specifically for supplying industrial PCs in standard machine production.

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Are you looking for an uninterruptible DC power supply that takes up minimal space in your control cabinet? MINI UPS and TRIO UPS combine a power supply and electronic switch-over unit in the same housing. They ensure the reliable operation of DC loads both when the power supply network is working normally and in the event of mains faults.

Your advantages

  • Can be used around the world, thanks to wide range input and international approvals
  • Reliable supply, whether with or without mains
  • Space-saving: power supply and electronic switch-over unit in the same housing
  • Always the right solution: various energy storage devices enable individual buffer times for currents up to 20 A

TRIO DC UPS – Space-saving and equipped with a USB interface

Autonomous TRIO UPS  

TRIO UPS for 24 V DC

The TRIO DC UPS with integrated power supply enables you to supply DC loads reliably and with minimal space requirements.

  • Perform shutdowns of connected industrial PCs easily via the integrated USB interface.
  • You can also do a startup from energy storage even without power supply input, thus simplifying the startup process.
  • Long buffer times, thanks to large selection of VRLA energy storage systems.
  • You can use UPS-CONF software to optimally adapt the behavior of the UPS to your application.

MINI UPS – Compact and with comprehensive signaling

Compact MINI UPS  

MINI UPS for 24 V or 12 V DC

MINI UPS is used in applications where space-saving solutions with a maximum of 24 V DC and 2 A nominal current or 12 V DC and 4 A nominal current are required.  

  • High operational safety, thanks to comprehensive signaling and temperature-dependent battery charging.
  • Fast installation, thanks to minimal wiring effort with COMBICON connectors for easy connection.

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