Electronic device protection for 48 V loads

Three single-channel PTCB circuit breakers for 48 V applications bridged together

With the new PTCB single-channel circuit breakers from Phoenix Contact, loads with a supply voltage of 48 V DC are now also electronically protected.

The device protection can be combined with the Clipline terminal block portfolio. The circuit breakers can be quickly and easily integrated into the potential distribution and interconnected using standard terminal block accessories. The 6.2 mm overall width matches the terminal block portfolio and saves important space on the DIN rail. The circuit breaker is available with a fixed nominal value of 2 A or with adjustable nominal current ranging from 1 to 6 A. This allows the nominal current to be flexibly adapted to the application and reduces storage costs. The LEDs on the front in intuitive traffic light colors and the floating signal contact make the status of the application transparent to users both locally and remotely. This facilitates the clear detection of faults and supports precise fault localization and fast recovery. The multi-stage tripping characteristic with dynamic short-circuit detection is optimized for starting different loads.

In addition to the Clipline terminal blocks, the PTCB circuit breakers can be combined with the 48 V DC QUINT or Trio power supply units from Phoenix Contact, resulting in a reliable 48 V DC overall concept.

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