Employee at the Neurath power station

Industrial signal conditioning

The branched network of conductors in measurement and control technology are to the industrial environment what the nerve pathways are to the human body.
In industrial applications, sensors and actuators deliver and receive a large number of measured values that must be reliably transmitted from the field to the control level and back.
Isolate, convert, filter, amplify, switch – interface technology from Phoenix Contact ensures reliable signal conditioning.

Temperature measurement in the process industry

Adapt and protect digital and analog process signals

In process automation, the signal transmission is affected by increasingly electrical environments. This holds especially true for the weak measured value signals emitted by the sensors.
Signal conditioners and measuring transducers separate, convert, filter, and amplify these signals.

Process system

Electronic marshalling versus standard signal marshalling

In I/O signal marshalling for standard I/O systems, the field signals are sorted in the marshalling level according to their signal type and processed via the interface level. They are then wired to the signal-specific I/O board on the control unit. In contrast, I/O signal routing and conversion for universal I/O systems allows flexible assignment of channels from the field to the controller.