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Cloud-based remote maintenance Intelligent service concepts with the mGuard Secure Cloud

Digitalization is now permeating almost every corner of our world. As a global communication medium, the Internet as the foundation of digitalization also enables direct access to machines and systems distributed throughout the world.

The mGuard Secure Cloud helps you to connect your service personnel and remote maintenance targets via the Internet securely, reliably, and without needing IT knowledge. This reduces cost- and time-intensive on-site service actions significantly.

It provides operators, machine builders, and system manufacturers with a cost-effective and comprehensive turnkey remote maintenance solution for realizing intelligent and sustainable service concepts.

Your advantages

  • User-friendly: the turnkey remote access infrastructure enables extremely easy commissioning by means of configuration wizards – without needing any IT knowledge
  • Secure: the mGuard Secure Cloud connects machines and systems with people through highly secure VPN tunnels, protecting against data loss and manipulation
  • Risk-free: try the mGuard Secure Cloud for free for 30 days with no obligation
  • Future-proof: the mGuard Secure Cloud is compatible with all mGuard security routers, cloud clients, TC routers, devices from the PLCnext Control family, and certified software VPN clients from Phoenix Contact
  • Flexible: in addition to computers with Windows, macOS, and Linux, the mGuard Secure Cloud supports mobile devices such as Apple iPad and iPhone
  • Reliable: operated in high-availability data centers worldwide, the mGuard Secure Cloud offers the best possible availability and scalability
Cloud-based remote maintenance
Cloud-based remote maintenance YouTube

Cloud-based remote maintenance Simple – secure – reliable

The mGuard Secure Cloud provides you with a turnkey remote maintenance solution. Your service personnel connect quickly and securely to machines, industrial PCs, and controllers via a simple web interface.

The public cloud application based on the mGuard industry standard uses Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) with the proven IPsec security protocol. This ensures the confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity of all data transmitted between all devices connected via the mGuard Secure Cloud.

Moreover, no customer data is saved in the mGuard Secure Cloud, ensuring even greater security.

The remote monitoring solution, hosted in Germany, provides cloud computing in compliance with the most stringent European data protection standard (GDPR). This means that you do not need to invest in your own hardware, and you save on local administration costs. The hosted cloud is always up to the latest standard. Thus, you benefit from regular updates and patch management, low latency times, and a high-availability data center that is operated around the clock. This is a particularly convenient service, especially for small and medium-sized companies.

mGuard Secure Remote Service functional overview

Functional overview of the mGuard Secure Cloud

Functional components Overview of the mGuard Secure Cloud

The mGuard Secure Cloud uses end-to-end encrypted IPsec VPNs, and ensures the confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity of data transmitted between the devices.

Your service personnel use a certified VPN client, such as the mGuard Secure VPN Client software or an iPad, and connect their workstations to the mGuard Secure Cloud.

The machines and systems are also equipped with industrial-grade remote maintenance routers or a PLCnext Control from Phoenix Contact, and establish their VPN connection to the mGuard Secure Cloud as necessary. The VPN connections can be established locally via hardware (key switch) or via software controlled by the system operator.

The mGuard Secure Cloud web interface clearly displays the availability of the service target and controls the service technician’s access to the machines.

Remote access to machines and systems in China mGuard Secure Cloud Service China VPN+

Since 2018, encrypted VPN connections to machines and systems in China have been increasingly unreliable and at times impossible due to legal restrictions.

Our approach:
We provide mGuard Secure Cloud customers with a trusted and regulatory-approved remote access solution to machines and systems in China.

Our solution:
The mGuard Secure Cloud Service China VPN+: you get a high-availability and officially approved solution for VPN connections between mGuard devices in China and the mGuard Secure Cloud. The mGuard VPN connections are transmitted over the provider’s own backbone with end-to-end encryption by “Chinese National Network Security”, without compromising security and data integrity. China VPN+ guarantees you 99% availability and is offered as a flat rate service – with no limits on data volume or service connections.


  • High-security encrypted communication via via VPN and SSL connections
  • Optional two-factor authentication for increased security
  • Local control of the VPN connections via hardware key switch
  • Access limitations to subnetwork levels within a machine
  • Secure communication via the standard ports of your firewall possible
  • User, group, and authorization management for secure access to various customers and systems
  • Operated in Germany in accordance with the highest security and data protection standards
Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud (On-Premise)
White paper
The rise of public cloud solutions is causing many vendors of remote service solutions to shift their focus from on-premise solutions to cloud-based delivery models. Wondering which option is more secure, accessible, and affordable? You will find the answers to your questions in this white paper.
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Tablet connected to the mGuard Secure Cloud

Available editions and scope

mGuard Secure Cloud Basic
mGuard Secure Cloud Premium
mGuard Secure Cloud Basic

mGuard Secure Cloud Premium

Number of users unlimited unlimited
Number of machines unlimited unlimited
Number of service workstations unlimited unlimited
Concurrent service connections 1 3 (can be extended)
Transfer volume per service connection 2 GB/month 4 GB/month
Total transfer volume 2 GB/month 12 GB/month
Guaranteed bandwidth none 1 Mbps per service connection
Guaranteed availability (SLAs) none 98% per annum
Service VPN clients mGuards, software VPN clients, macOS mGuards, software VPN clients, macOS
Mobile service VPN clients iPadOS, iOS (Apple iPad and iPhone) iPadOS, iOS (Apple iPad and iPhone)
Machine VPN clients mGuard, cloud client, TC router, PLCnext mGuard, cloud client, TC router, PLCnext
Cloud support Email Phone, email
Can be extended no yes (service connections/China VPN+)
Authorization model Standard Extended (location/machine/subnetworks)
Reporting yes yes
Report filter / export no yes
Two-factor authentication Time-based one-time password (TOTP), email Time-based one-time password (TOTP), email
Configuration blueprints no yes
Machine networks one private address space any number of private address spaces
China VPN+ no yes
To the mGuard Secure Cloud To the mGuard Secure Cloud