PTI installation terminal blocks

Installation terminal blocks for distribution boards and flat distribution boards

The installation terminal blocks facilitate the configuration of building distribution boards. The particularly low-profile and compact installation terminal blocks are the perfect solution for wiring in distribution boards and flat distribution boards. The three-phase systems allow marshalling with standard plug-in bridges. The integrated disconnect slide enables dielectric tests to be performed without disconnecting the neutral conductor.

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  • Maintenance-free connection technologies with the Reakdyn principle for screw terminal blocks and Push-in technology
  • Fast and reliable neutral conductor disconnection with screw-free disconnect slide
  • Individual potential distribution with a double function shaft on each level and the standardized bridge accessories
  • Simple testing options with integrated test points at every terminal point
  • Clear distribution solutions with standardized marking accessories
Installation terminal blocks

The product range of installation terminal blocks

Product range of installation terminal blocks

The PTI and UTI installation terminal blocks facilitate the quick and space-saving configuration of building distribution boards. All terminal blocks are compatible with one another and can be combined, regardless of connection technology. The installation terminal blocks are precisely tailored to the requirements of electrical installations and distributor construction, and can accommodate conductor cross-sections up to 16 mm².

The product range of installation terminal blocks includes:

  • Three-level installation terminal blocks
  • Neutral conductor disconnect terminal blocks
  • Feed-through terminal blocks
  • Disconnect terminal blocks
  • Ground terminals
 Feed-in terminal, busbar systems

Feed-in terminal, busbar systems

Installation terminal blocks for feed-in for the neutral busbar

With the feed-in terminals, you can contact neutral busbars very quickly and conveniently. To do so, simply open the orange lever, insert the neutral busbar, and then close the lever again. You do not need any tools for this process, either during assembly or removal, and very little force is required. Due to the special design of the feed-in terminals, the terminals also feature an end bracket and support bracket function. This allows you to save space in the usually small distribution boards. An identically shaped support bracket for the other side of the terminal strip rounds out the terminal block range.

Disconnect terminal blocks

Disconnect terminal blocks

Disconnect terminal block for individual circuit disconnection

The disconnect terminal blocks allow you to disconnect individual circuits for various measurements. The terminal blocks are tailored to your specific requirements in electrical installations. Wire the terminal blocks in accordance with DIN VDE 0100-0108, the standard for wiring and connection requirements in distribution boards for public buildings, and the requirements for individual circuit disconnection in accordance with DIN VDE 0100-718. Along with connecting and disconnecting circuits, the terminal blocks can also be used in another way. With the standardized, multifunctional disconnect zone, components such as diodes and resistors, fuse plugs, switching locks, and feed-through connectors can also be integrated in addition to the isolating plugs.

KNX installation, building automation applications

KNX installation, building automation applications

Clear KNX installation

KNX is a special fieldbus for building automation applications. With a KNX bus system, various functions such as lighting, alarm, and climate controllers can be controlled automatically in buildings. Phoenix Contact provides special KNX terminal blocks that allow these systems to be wired quickly and easily. With the double-level terminal blocks, your KNX installation is now even more convenient, with an overall width of just 3.5 mm per terminal block. To ensure easy assignment of the wire colors in the distribution boards, the terminal points in the terminal blocks are color coded to match the respective wire colors. This allows the convenient marshalling of main and reserve wires of the KNX bus system in an overall width of just 7 mm. Along with this clarity and the compact design, the KNX terminal blocks also allow easy potential routing with standardized plug-in bridges.

PROJECT complete planning software

Efficient planning with PROJECT complete

Efficient planning with PROJECT complete

Intuitive configuration, intelligent functions, and a customizable user interface: PROJECT complete planning and marking software is the innovative solution for the easy planning of your terminal strips and the straightforward creation of the corresponding markings.

From the transfer of data from electrical planning to delivery of your finished product, the software features individual and convenient process support.

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