Test and monitoring devices

Test and monitoring devices

Whether cloud-based in real time or manually, our test and monitoring devices are a convincing way to increase system availability. Overvoltages can overload electrical installations and the protective devices intended to protect them. Determine the state of your system and your surge protection at an early stage, before failures occur.

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Your advantages

  • Detect the current status (state of health) of surge protective devices with a precautionary check
  • High level of quality and safety: automatic adjustment of testing algorithms and the update function always keep you up to date
  • Use digital added value and services with ImpulseCheckUse digital added value and services with ImpulseCheck
  • The assistance system for surge protection is part of the COMPLETE line system
ImpulseCheck surge protection device with four conductors

ImpulseCheck monitors up to four conductors on one surge protective device

ImpulseCheck – the assistance system for surge protection

Surge protective devices (SPDs) are subject to special requirements while they are working in the background. You are generally unaware that they are protecting your installations against EMC events. You don’t know what the current state of your protective devices is.

ImpulseCheck is the world's first intelligent assistance system for surge protection in the field of mains protection. The state of health of every single protective device is measured via cloud connection. This opens up new digital services.

You can determine the actual load on the surge protective devices being monitored, and therefore on your system as well. This makes it possible to predict failures, and you can schedule maintenance work more effectively.

ImpulseCheck monitoring device or CHECKMASTER 2 test device

ImpulseCheck monitors the active conductors of power supply cables. The pulses are measured even if no surge protection is installed, making it possible to draw conclusions about the load on the system. ImpulseCheck is the best choice for innovative and automated calculation of the state of health of your surge protective devices. The ImpulseCheck assistance system is a monitoring device for surge protective devices for type 1 and 2 power supplies.

CHECKMASTER 2, on the other hand, is a mobile test device that can be used with almost all pluggable surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact. With CHECKMASTER 2, you can manually test the surge protection of plugs used for power supply in MCR and data technology.

CHECKMASTER 2 SPD test device

CHECKMASTER 2: test device for various designs and circuits

Regular check for safe surge protection

As per IEC 62305-3, surge protective devices must be tested regularly. In addition, the standard requires the traceable documentation of test values.

ImpulseCheck monitors the SPDs in real time. At the touch of a button, you can output the current status for documentation purposes at any time.

CHECKMASTER 2 tests must be performed manually.

  • The SPD plugs are plugged into the corresponding test unit.
  • The actual testing is done automatically.
  • The CHECKMASTER 2 test device stores all results in its internal memory.
  • The stored test values can be output immediately or at a later time.
  • The test report contains the order designation and the test result together with the date and time.
Bar code scanner

Easy identification of test objects with the bar code scanner

Easy identification of test objects with CHECKMASTER 2’s internal bar code scanner

CHECKMASTER 2 tests surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact according to their specific electrical properties. The bar code scanner ensures there are no errors when recording order numbers.

Plug the test object into the corresponding test adapter. When the scanner detects the device type, the test is started automatically upon insertion.

Alternatively, once inserted in the test adapter, you can enter the order number of the test object via the touch panel.

LM-S – The lightning monitoring system

Evaluation unit and sensor of the LM-S lightning monitoring system

LM-S lightning monitoring system for remote monitoring

Lightning monitoring

Receive online notifications about lightning strikes in your system and benefit from load-oriented maintenance.

The monitoring system detects and analyzes all important parameters associated with lightning surge currents. Evaluation and remote signaling done in real time. Consolidation of the operating parameters of the system and the measured data provide a better basis for making decisions on control and maintenance.

This results in the following advantages for you:

  • Easy detection and evaluation of lightning current loads thanks to the intelligent monitoring system
  • Maintenance can be planned better thanks to continuous remote monitoring
  • Easy data output and configuration thanks to the integrated web server
  • Integration into standard network systems with the RJ45 Ethernet interface