Building management system with building IoT controller

Building management system

With the Emalytics building management system, we provide you with a platform for all the central elements of your building’s digital infrastructure. Emalytics combines a management and control unit with energy monitoring to create an intelligent platform. The IoT-based framework allows you to control, evaluate, and process the data and information for all of the individual subtrades where this is needed. Benefit from easy engineering and one platform for all the processes and applications in your building.

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IoT-based Emalytics building management system in application

Emalytics building management system in application

Your advantages

  • One framework for automation, monitoring, and data acquisition, as well as the secure connectivity of system, plants, and components
  • Increased operating efficiency thanks to guaranteed error-free building management
  • Investment protection: updateable and upgradeable at any time with leading-edge technology

The Emalytics solution – easy engineering for all building applications

Emalytics can be made up of the elements Controller, Automation, View, and Cloud. The Emalytics Controller hardware together with the Emalytics Automation software cover the integration and engineering of all of the building’s data, processes, and applications. The visualization, use, reporting, and analysis of this data is performed with Emalytics View. The Cloud provides an overarching environment for AI-based data analytics and energy management for the entire project.

The Emalytics framework at a glance

Interactive image map: Emalytics framework overview
Visualization, reporting, analysis
With Emalytics View, you can visualize all the data collected about your building and map entire buildings and floor plan views in your application. Create custom dashboards to view, analyze, and compare your data.
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Visualization, reporting, analysis
AI-based data analysis
With the help of digital component twins, Emalytics Cloud enables you to realize the monitoring of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, energy-related systems, and power grids such as district heating and district cooling grids.
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AI-based data analysis
Integration and technology
With the Emalytics Automation IoT framework, you can link all trades seamlessly and standardize their data to a uniform format. This means that the data is always available in the same structure, regardless of the source or of the protocol or bus system used to transfer it.
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Integration and technology
Integration of third-party services
Process control is networked across all levels, including the integration of third-party services such as e-mobility or photovoltaics.
Integration of third-party services
ILC 2050 BI building IoT controller

ILC 2050 BI building IoT controller

Emalytics controller Physical communication

The central core element of the building management system is the ILC 2050 BI building IoT controller. Together with the comprehensive portfolio of matching modules, this controller acts as the link between the common bus protocols at the field level and the open IoT world, which brings all the possibilities of modern IT systems to building management.

Emalytics Automation

Emalytics Automation

Emalytics Automation Integration and technology

Emalytics Automation is the IoT framework where the data from all trades is normalized by converting it to a uniform format. The recorded data points are defined just once and are available to the entire system. The data point is converted into a data information object which can be accessed throughout the network – whether by the controller, the visualization server, or other devices. All the data is therefore always available in the same structure.

Building visualization with Emalytics View

Emalytics View

Emalytics View Visualization, reporting, and analysis

The browser-based Emalytics View visualization framework provides you with a comprehensive tool box for creating your customized building visualization system and dashboards. You can create individual dashboards for displaying, evaluating, and comparing the data for individual trades or distributed premises. It includes ready-to-use libraries, which you can access within the framework. Standard web technologies are used, which means you can freely select the operating concept.

Emalytics Cloud

Emalytics Cloud

Emalytics Cloud AI-based data analysis and energy management

With the smart Plug and Play approach of the platform, we can quickly create the ideal conditions for sustainable, transparent, and efficient buildings.

The cloud platform provides the connectivity of all data in one cloud as well as its provision and constant monitoring.
The data analysis function provides the fully digitized operational optimization of your buildings or properties using artificial intelligence. The add-on is an AI-supported tool for automatic and continuous monitoring, data-based analysis, and the evaluation of complex building operations.
The tool provides automatic operational optimization from the cloud. The latest algorithms and artificial intelligence ensure sustainable and efficient system operation as well as a perfect feel-good atmosphere for users.

Features of Emalytics

The IoT-based Emalytics building management system
System integration in building technology
Network trades with Emalytics
The IoT-based Emalytics building management system

Unlimited integration
External connections via common protocols such as KNX, Modbus, BACnet, DALI, SMI, EnOcean, LonWorks, MQTT, REST, SQL, etc., are mapped in the Emalytics system. More than 300 drivers are also available to the user for the connection of almost all trades.

Scalable pay-per-use license model
You only need to pay for the connected data point, whether physical or communicative. The further processing of data in the framework is therefore available.

System integration in building technology

Programming without compiling
You can reprogram Emalytics IoT controllers online during operation. The modified application is immediately visible in the application – without interrupting operation. Alternatively, you can develop offline applications that are first tested and then activated online on the relevant IoT controllers in the usual way.

Programming environment for IEC novices
In addition to the IEC-like programming interface, comprehensive palettes (libraries) in CFC are available to provide a quick introduction for those switching from IEC 61131 (PLC).

Java for high-level language programmers
Java is also available as a high-level language in the interfaces. This means that you can proceed with development straight away in Emalytics without the need for additional adapters or interfaces.

Network trades with Emalytics

Access to the entire project via just one interface
Unlike conventional automation systems where individual controllers are connected together using fieldbus systems to create a network, Emalytics acts as a framework across all IoT devices. This means that all data points, whether physical or communicative, can be automatically made available to all devices in the framework without further programming or gateways.

Engineering tool available as a 64-bit version
The entire memory area of a PC or laptop, and therefore the available hardware, is fully utilized. A 32-bit version is also available as an option.

Firmware updates can be organized centrally
The ILC 2050 BI strictly follows the rules of the IT standards. Not just with respect to exclusive communication with cloud services, but also with regard to cybersecurity standards such TLS 1.2 and a modern concept for firmware upgrades (patches) or updates, which can be organized centrally and rolled out.

Holistic product portfolio for building automation

Building IoT controller in a control cabinet
DALI modules for building automation
Electrician at a control cabinet
Building IoT controller in a control cabinet

The modular concept of our building IoT controller allows you to choose exactly the number of I/Os required in your project. As the project grows, additional modules can be added. Modules are available for all building-relevant interfaces including digital and analog, DALI, pulse counting, M-Bus, MP-Bus, serial interfaces and many more. Discover our portfolio for seamless integration into your Inline station.

Straight to the I/O modules
DALI modules for building automation

Light plays an important role in our lives, affecting our mood, focus, and efficiency. An ideally lit environment contributes to better learning and a positive working atmosphere. At the same time, lighting is one of the biggest cost drivers in a building. Controlling the lighting holistically enables the optimization of user comfort as well as high-level energy efficiency. We provide a convenient solution for the use of DALI as part of the Emalytics solution for building automation.

Straight to the DALI modules
Electrician at a control cabinet

With globally networked teams and collaborations in the industry, we are your reliable partner for building and installation technology. As drivers of digitalization, we always develop our products and solutions according to the latest state of the art of technology – innovative, durable, and future-proof. Discover our comprehensive product portfolio for your unique application.

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