clipx ENGINEER – engineering software​ for control cabinet building

Engineering software​ for control cabinet building – efficient planning with clipx ENGINEER

The clipx ENGINEER engineering software makes it possible to plan and order terminal strips, assembled mounting panels, and junction boxes more efficiently than ever, and to seamlessly transfer the data to production – at every workplace.

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Engineering software​ for control cabinet building
Experience the versatility of the new software for efficiently planning terminal blocks, mounting plates, and junction boxes at any location. clipx ENGINEER is regularly extended with new functions and item groups.
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Plan efficiently Process support for control cabinet building

System discontinuities cost time in the planning, procurement, and production of terminal strips and junction boxes in control cabinet building. Software programs that ensure the consistent flow of data make a significant contribution to efficiency throughout the entire process.

clipx ENGINEER engineering software creates seamless, digital processes in your control cabinet building – from planning through to production.

Your advantages

  • Maximum availability for your engineering process, thanks to online and offline use
  • Smart interfaces to Phoenix Contact applications for control cabinet manufacturing and in your CAE programs
  • Simplified planning of your projects with the support of intelligent engineering assistants
  • Seamless processes from planning to your production through the provision of complete digital data

New products

clipx ENGINEER assemble worker assistance software for guided assembly

Worker assistance software

For guided assembly

The clipx ENGINEER assemble worker assistance software is an integrated add-on for the clipx ENGINEER engineering software. By using the data from the engineering process, the software enables intuitive terminal strip assembly using step-by-step instructions.

Main features

  • Software for terminal strip assembly including marking with step-by-step instructions
  • Integrated add-on for the clipx ENGINEER engineering software
  • Browser-supported web application (Edge, Chrome, Firefox)
  • Direct data transfer from the engineering process
  • Available online and offline

Your Advantages

  • Time savings achieved by directly transferring project data from the engineering process
  • Simplified representation of projects in production with step-by-step display of the process steps
  • Selection of incorrect items prevented through the use of a pick-by-light system
  • Process costs reduced by the direct printing of marking and labeling within the assembly process

Employee stood in front of a control cabinet holding a tablet with the clipx ENGINEER engineering software

clipx ENGINEER – maximum availability

Maximum availability

Make your work more mobile and flexible with the clipx ENGINEER engineering software. Online and offline use enables you to access your planning from anywhere. You can choose whether to work on your project locally on your computer or share your project via a cloud.

  • Work both online and offline: The engineering software enables you to conduct your mobile planning flexibly.
  • Share and work on your projects locally or in a cloud.
  • Use the software in your system environment, independent of the operating system.
Person working with the engineering software

clipx ENGINEER – smart interfaces

Smart interfaces

The engineering software increases the efficiency of your workflows. Bidirectional interfaces to CAE programs and direct connection to familiar Phoenix Contact applications, configurators, and the online shop streamline and speed up your time-consuming planning tasks.

  • Convert your electrical planning into real products via the bidirectional CAE interfaces.
  • Use your familiar Phoenix Contact applications and configurators in the clipx ENGINEER software.
  • Order your items directly from the engineering software via the connection to the Phoenix Contact online shop. This function is currently only available in Germany.
Person working on a PC with the clipx ENGINEER simplified approach to planning

clipx ENGINEER – simplified planning

Simplified planning

The clipx ENGINEER software features intelligent engineering assistants that simplify your planning. Create entire function groups with just a few clicks and have any necessary item information that is missing added directly for all Phoenix Contact products. Furthermore, your planning will be completed automatically with the required accessories.

  • Use functional engineering to create your function groups more efficiently.
  • Use the auto-correct function to add any missing item information that is still needed automatically.
  • Complete your electrical planning automatically with the required accessories.
Man holding products and looking at a screen showing the engineering software

clipx ENGINEER – seamless processes

Seamless processes

With the clipx ENGINEER engineering software, you can perform your planning tasks directly in 3D. The software also enables you to generate manufacturing documents from your project or control your manufacturing systems.

  • Benefit from realistic 3D planning of your terminal strips, assembled mounting plates, and junction boxes.
  • Use manufacturing documents generated from your project for the documentation and following process steps.
  • Control your workflow with the direct connection to manufacturing systems.
Engineering software​ for control cabinet building brochure
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In our brochure, learn how fast and easy it is and how you can benefit from all the advantages of clipx ENGINEER in just two steps. In addition, discover the diverse functions of the engineering software.
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Person standing in front of a control cabinet working on a tablet with the clipx ENGINEER engineering software
Person working on a tablet with the clipx ENGINEER engineering software

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