Solutions for tower lighting


Tower of a wind turbine generator  

Reliable lighting of the tower even in an emergency

  • Extensive lighting of the working areas and escape routes in wind turbine generators guarantees the safety of personnel.
  • Phoenix Contact offers a complete system, from the uninterruptible power supply to the lights.
  • With the system, you can ensure a comfortable working environment for service technicians, as well as their safe descent in the event of power failure.


In order to ensure the safety of employees in wind turbine generators, the towers must be illuminated safely. When designing the lamps, the 50308 standard applies. This standard specifies the illuminance values for working areas and escape routes. Even today, many manufacturers still resort to old fluorescent tubes, even if problems are frequently caused by them.

To make the lighting system state-of-the-art, a virtually maintenance-free lighting solution based on LEDs should be used. This reduces maintenance costs while increasing efficiency. With this in mind, Phoenix Contact has developed a complete system for lighting wind turbine generators, which also illuminates escape routes.


Complete solution for tower lighting  

Complete system for tower lighting

Phoenix Contact offers a complete system for tower lighting from a control cabinet with a central uninterruptible power supply, a pre-assembled cable harness, as well as LED modules. The LED modules correspond to the relevant EN 50308 standard and feature IP65 protection. As the LED modules have a service life of 50,000 hours, the system is virtually maintenance-free. If, however, an LED module should fail, this can easily be removed and replaced using a specially designed connection system. To do so, the lighting never has to be switched off.

A power supply unit is integrated into the LED modules so that they can be operated with alternating voltage. For the central power supply, Phoenix Contact uses a UPS from the QUINT product range with IQ technology. The battery for the UPS installed in the base of the tower can be quickly and easily replaced. The service personnel does not therefore have to climb a ladder to replace a battery in the LED module. The IQ technology used enables permanent communication between the power supply and the battery. In this way, information can be read out on the current charging state, performance, and remaining service life expectations of the battery. This enables the fast coordination of maintenance work. The service engineer does not therefore have to climb down from the system without lighting.

QPD installation system  

The low-voltage directive ensures mains stability

Fast installation based on a snap-together cable harness

The proven QPD installation system from Phoenix Contact ensures cost-effective connection of the individual components. The solution offers significant advantages over conventional cabling based on junction boxes. The wind turbine generator manufacturer orders the cable harness for each system type pre-assembled at Phoenix Contact. This then only needs to be connected, meaning that an electrician is not required on site. On-site wiring, which was previously a laborious and therefore time-consuming task, has now been transformed into a fast Plug and Play solution.

Tower lighting topology

When it comes to lighting, time-saving wiring is essential

Your advantages

  • Optimal planning of service calls thanks to remote monitoring
  • Maintenance-free lighting, thanks to LED lights with a service life of around 50,000 hours
  • Quick and easy installation of the lighting solution without special tools
  • Safe escape route lighting, thanks to central power supply via an uninterruptible power supply


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Solutions for tower lighting

Complete system from a control cabinet