Offshore wind farms

Offshore wind farms

For challenging conditions

Rely on robust and reliable solutions for use under the most adverse environmental influences.

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Offshore WTGs provide the greatest yield, however they must also be able to satisfy the most stringent requirements: vibrations, variations in temperature, and salt spray. Condition monitoring and maximum availability are therefore particularly important here due to the extremely high maintenance costs.

With automation solutions from Phoenix Contact, you can reliably equip your offshore WTGs and benefit in every phase from the know-how of our wind energy experts. You can therefore utilize your plants as efficiently as possible and always keep an eye on all parameters.

Your advantages

  • Kept informed at all times, thanks to surge protection and online evaluation
  • Failsafe, thanks to redundant control concepts
  • Reliable cabling, thanks to robust connection technology for assembly

Surge protection

Wind turbine generator in a storm  

Surge protection protects your system against damage from lightning strikes

The damage caused by lightning strikes can be extremely costly for an offshore wind turbine generator as it is so difficult to access.

With turn-key solutions from Phoenix Contact for surge protection and condition monitoring, you can keep these costs as low as possible.

POWERTRAB surge protection reliably protects your electrical equipment. The LM-S lightning monitoring system monitors the rotor blades for lightning strikes and keeps you informed directly online.

Redundancy concepts

High-performance controllers in the control cabinet  

Redundant control concepts for maximum availability

Failsafe automation systems are a must for offshore WTGs. The solution is to use redundant control concepts based on the RFC 460R high-performance controller.

This ensures that the automation system always functions correctly, even in large wind farms, because when one controller fails, another takes over immediately.

Connection technology

Connection technology from Phoenix Contact  

Robust connection technology for adverse environmental conditions

From metal or plastic heavy-duty connectors for assembly to salt spray-resistant terminal blocks for almost every cross section and with time-saving connection technology – as the expert in connection technology, we also offer the right technology for your offshore wind turbine generator.

The advantage for you is that you can save time and space by using compact and easy-to-operate connection technology from the sensor to the control room.

Secure remote control in offshore applications

Standardized protocols and security solutions ensure secure communication. With Phoenix Contact, you can perform preventive maintenance and process optimization and therefore save costs.

Monitor WTGs and wind farms with remote control technology and software libraries. By doing so, you are kept informed of all the generic measured values at any given time. The use of protocols such as ODP or IEC 60870-5-101/104 enables you to network the wind turbine generators with the control system.

Remote control in offshore applications

Solutions for secure communication from offshore WTGs to the control system


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LM-S lightning monitoring system

LM-S monitors Guangxi wind farm with a power output of 1.5 MW.