Optimally utilizing wind

Optimally position your wind turbine generator to the wind to increase your yield.

In order for the nacelle to optimally track the wind, numerous components must interact seamlessly. The data for wind measurement is evaluated continuously and compared with the system behavior.

Reliable condition monitoring ensures that the wind turbine generator is optimally aligned at all times, thereby achieving the best possible yield. In addition to the reliable operation of the plant, it must also be possible to provide a safe state for service personnel if required.

Your advantages

  • Reliable yawing system, thanks to high-availability control systems
  • Optimum data acquisition for the yawing system with solutions for wind measurement
  • Protection of personnel and machinery, thanks to powerful safety systems

Yawing system

Yawing system solution  

Tailor-made solutions for all yawing aspects

Ensure an optimum yawing system by controlling motors efficiently.

Phoenix Contact offers tailor-made solutions for all tasks relating to yawing, from robust cabling with heavy-duty connectors to the control system.

Wind measurement

Wind measurement solution  

Wind measurement masts can be used to record the force and direction of the wind

Information about the strength and direction of the wind is essential to the operation of a WTG. Functional safety and maximum reliability of the components therefore play a significant role.

We offer turn-key solutions that always keep you informed of all the relevant values. Both hardware and software-based data processing is supported, for example, with SAFE AI safe analog value processing.

Protection and safety

Wind turbine generator gears  

Safety products allow you to efficiently implement safety functions in your system

Reliable condition monitoring on WTGs safeguards the life of service technicians.

With safety relay modules you can easily implement emergency stop applications, for example. They can be individually adjusted and enable several safety functions to be combined.

The safety solutions from Phoenix Contact are not only suitable for networked systems, they can also be used for stand-alone applications.

Solutions for complex system monitoring

In order to extend the service life of components such as the gear box and generator as far as possible, the operating conditions should be observed as closely as possible.

To achieve this, numerous sensor measured values must be recorded which the plant control system uses as the basis for monitoring states. In addition, safety equipment and wind measuring systems must be seamlessly integrated into the system.

Solutions for complex system monitoring

Solutions for monitoring the condition of your system so you can extend the service life of components such as the gear box and generator


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